2008 best in Hair Care

2008: Best in hair care

Baldness treatments

Hair loss is a naturally occurring part of life for many, both men and female, yet it is ultimately something that we look to avoid. Men often face a more tragic form of hair loss, baldness, which causes heart ache for many. Yet, fear not, there are many aids in the treatment of baldness: medical and surgical. In the realm of medicinal treatment there is the option of purchasing the over-the-counter medications Rogain and Monoxidil which are both popular and prove themselves as ways to regrow hair that has diminished with time.

Laser therapy

Sure, everyone knows about laser hair removal but what about at-home laser treatment with the HairMax Laser Comb which encourages hair to be thicker, and healthier looking. Still awaiting its FDA approval, the HairMax Laser Comb could revolutionize your hair.

Ultra Hair Away

Tired of shaving off your hair? Want to just roll out of bed and go somewhere without wondering what’s going on under your arm or on your back? Men and women can both experience that relief in Ultra Hair Away cream that stops the annoying costs and time put into shaving and waxing, and enjoy the feeling of ending hair growth rather than just removing it temporarily.

Hair growth

Hair Energizer is a company and a website that offers shampoos, conditioners, vitamins, and follicle sprays for all types of hair that need growth, and not just the cases of hair loss. These products aid people who do not have the right nutrients to grow hair, who have hair breakage, who want to strengthen their hair, and who want to reverse hair aging. No matter what’s causing your disappointment in your hair, men and women can both be aided by these products which have been around for over a decade.

Rene Furterer

Rene Furterer and the Paris hair care offers a new product designed to fight the effects of exposed hair, whether altered from sun or water. This product can add life back into your hair. As well there are also products that stimulate essential oils to encourage growth and healthiness of the hair.


Unwilling to spend tons of money for just a tiny bit of hair, why not just grab those tweezers out of the cupboard? Tweezers are dated tools which provide desired results. Although a slower process, success is guaranteed by the preciseness of every piece of hair selected. When there’s no second chances after it’s done, perhaps slower is better.


Unlikely to commit to taking a vitamin or washing with special creams as much as you need to in order to grow your hair? Try a hair piece. Hair pieces are available from Revlon, Raquel Welch, Eva Gabor and more. Explore the styles and pick one that suits your own so that you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow.

Men’s laser hair removal

Whether it be the unwanted hair on your back or the constant attention that facial hair requires, men are into laser hair removal too. Find an FDA approved laser treatment clinic in your area and check it out. A reduction of hair in unwanted places is sure to put a smile on your face.

Hair shampoo

It seems that the hair product aisle in stores continues to get longer and longer. There is shampoos for everything; for softness, for straightening, for volume, for poofing hair, for split ends and so much more. Find the treatment that’s right for you and mix it up with your favorite brand whether it be Fructis, Sunsilk, Dove, or Pantene Pro-V.

Nioxin hair products

Nioxin products have been designed to cleanse, provide therapy, and treat problems of the hair in order to create and maintain an escape from thinning hair.