3 Ways to Use Herbs to Treat Diarrhea

1. Astringent Herbs Can Slow Diarrhea

Treat your diarrhea with astringent herbs that tone tissues throughout your body and “dry” various bodily secretions. Blackberry leaf and raspberry leaf teas are often used for diarrhea by brewing 1 tsp. of leaf per cup of boiling water. Do not use these teas if you are pregnant, because they may cause uterine contractions that can lead to pre-term labor. Carob powder is a natural source of fiber that you can stir into water or a hydrating solution. Calculate 1 1/2 g. of powder per 2 lbs. of body weight for accurate dosing. You can safely take up to 4 g. of bilberry extract over the course of the day. Do not use bilberry if you are currently taking blood thinning medication.

2. Reduce Inflammation

Use herbal medicine to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. You can find chamomile in natural and health food stores as a dried leaf or a powder. Brew 1 tsp. of these leaves in one cup of boiling water or dissolve 3 tsp. of powder in a cup of hot water. Strain and drink as a hot tea three times a day to relieve diarrhea. Marshmallow root is another natural anti-inflammatory agent and can be made into a cold tea. Soak 2 tbsp. of the root in 1 quart of water for at least 8 hours. Strain and sip the tea throughout the day.

3. Fight Infection With Herbs

Oregon grape root, goldenseal and barberry can fight infections that may cause your diarrhea. Take between 250 and 500 mg of one herb–not all three at once–up to three times daily. Discuss all herbal remedies for diarrhea with your doctor before starting them. These herbs may not be appropriate for everyone. Some people may need to take more traditional antibiotics to clear up the bacterial infections that may cause diarrhea.