4 Ways to Treat Syringoma

1. Talk to a Dermatologist

Syringoma is a bump formed on the face, caused by cell overgrowth in the sweat glands that creates a small yellowish tumor. It’s benign, which means there’s no health risk, though it can make you self-conscious if it appears in a prominent place such as your eyelid or your nose. There are a number of different ways to treat it, but they all work best under a physician’s supervision. Home remedies can result in scars, ineffective treatment or worse. Make an appointment with a dermatologist and ask for a solution if you want to treat syringoma.

2. Apply a Low Electrical Current

A dermatologist can treat the syringoma with an electric needle by cauterizing the skin. The doctor will insert the needle into the sryingoma tumor and use short jolts of electricity to destroy it. Only a trained medical professional should use electricity to remove a syringoma growth.

3. Use Laser Surgery

Carbon dioxide lasers can be used to treat syringoma. The laser targets the overgrowth of cells and kills the offending tissue without damaging nearby skin. The syringomas don’t usually return and there isn’t much scarring left behind to blemish your face. As with other treatments for syringoma, you should always speak to a doctor before undergoing laser treatment.

4. Let the Doctor Cut Them Off

Surgery to remove the syringoma is an effective form of treatment. The dermatologist can use Castroviejo opthalmological scissors to cut the tissue off after applying a local anesthetic. If performed carefully, it removes the unwanted tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue or leaving a scar. Multiple surgeries may be required if you need to remove a number of syringomae, and alternate techniques may be used if they are located near the eye. In some cases, reconstructive surgery may be necessary to repair the eyelid after the syringoma has been removed.

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