5 Things About Coffee Shop Furniture

By Tammy Jones

Whether you are opening your own coffee shop or looking to furnish a room in your house like one, there are important factors and possibilities to consider.


Size plays the biggest role in choosing furniture in general, and it becomes even more complicated for the shopper when specifics are in mind. When choosing a size, remember the space allowance you are giving or are giving to a particular piece. If it is large enough for a couch, will you want chairs instead–or perhaps a loveseat and tables that may fit in the area. The tables you choose will also matter; there may not be room for end tables, but a coffee table that has a roomier top surface may suffice. A drawing or sketch of the area with room measurements helps prevent any chance of purchasing an item and having it be too small or large. With drawing and room measurements in hand, you can’t go wrong. Remember to ask the floor manager of any store you choose to recommend pieces in your size range as well.


Function is vital in coffee shop furniture. Here is where you must think about spills, wrappers and wear and tear, since these accidents and carelessness make a difference. If you plan to be open to the public, leather or a type of fabric easy to wipe down would make the function of the furniture more appealing to you then, say, something that would have to be steam-cleaned often. If you are choosing pieces for a room in a private home, perhaps any fabric will work that can be Scotch-guarded against stains and spills, or fabrics that are easy to clean more often. Also, consider your visitors here. Will there be more adults than teenagers or young children? Fabric choices should reflect the customers you want to draw to your business. Or, for the home, does the fabric choice match the other decor, or is it completely different? If so, this can change the whole atmosphere of the house.


Type can be a blessing or a burden. The questions can be overwhelming to ask when it comes to the type you are looking for. To make this task less of a burden, think of what your customers might find comfortable to lounge in while enjoying your establishment. If your customers are young, perhaps a type of furniture that is sturdy and firm will work best. If your customers are part of the more mature crowd, try a type that’s softer but still sturdy. Or if you plan on a mix of generations, look for a mix of types, such as wood legs and soft cushions.
For the home, tastes here should be with your guests in mind. If you have adults visiting that have small children, think of the possibility that the children could crawl under the furniture.


Price is the biggest misconception in furniture purchases. Some great pieces can be found in thrift stores, storage unit sales, yard sales, garage sales, auctions, newspapers, block sales, discount furniture stores and web sites. Even family members and neighbors can help keep the cost to a minimum. Remember to begin your pricing with the cleaning cost and add the price to that so you are not surprised by the final price of the furniture. Be flexible but stay in your price range.


Features can be fun if you are looking for furniture that is more for the lounger. There are arms for chairs and sofas that have a cup holder built in. This is a convenient feature if space is an issue. Other features can include fabrics that are pre-treated for stain resistance, and zippered covers for easier care. There are also tables available with built-in storage space for convenience. For the home, some of these features may work best if you have small children in the room or have guests that will stay longer than a quick visit. Keep in mind warranty information and insurance costs as an added feature to the furniture.