5 Things You Need to Know About Delayed Ejaculation

1. Delayed Ejaculation Can Be Embarrassing

The delay in ejaculation for a male in the presence of a partner can be a frustrating and embarrassing medical condition. Ejaculation is when the semen is released from the penis during sex. A man may be entirely unable to ejaculate or it may not happen for 30 to 45 minutes of intense sexual effort. Men are generally proud of their ability to ejaculate quickly and the extra effort can put a strain on their sexual relations. Often men shy away from talking about the delay or hesitate to consult a doctor or therapist for help. Since the problem usually only happens with a partner, work together for a solution.

2. Delayed Ejaculation Has Several Causes

So, what can cause the delay in ejaculation? There are a variety of causes to examine: marital strife or frustration, lack of attraction to a partner, traumatic events related to sex, religious attitudes toward sex or neurological disorders. Certain drugs can also impact ejaculation and make it harder to release. Antidepressants can slow ejaculation. Excessive alcohol use or illicit drug use can cause a delay. Intense stress, worry or anxiety can impact ejaculation. Age can also slow or delay ejaculation in males. Masturbation should be avoided as it causes delays in ejaculation with a partner.

3. Therapies Can Help Improve the Condition

Sessions of therapy may help narrow down the reasons for delayed ejaculation and an action plan to solve it. The most common reason for delay in ejaculation is psychological. If the problem is happening within marriage, sessions with your spouse can help improve the sexual problem. Typically therapy will focus on reducing the pressure to ejaculate and enjoying one another’s presence. A therapist can work with a couple to improve the amount of time it takes to ejaculate. Usually a therapist will give ideas of how to enjoy intimacy again.

4. Medical Help May Be Necessary

If a male has never ejaculated, a doctor or urologist may need to evaluate the problem. If drugs are causing the delay in ejaculation, a doctor may be able to adjust the dosages or offer alternatives. An examination can unveil nerve problems that may be impacting ejaculation.

5. Sex Attitudes Can Improve Ejaculation

Healthy body image or attitudes towards sex may help reduce the problems associated with delayed ejaculation. Having sex in a relaxed, loving atmosphere can improve problems associated with ejaculation. Getting too focused on ejaculation can cause a delay. Seek balance in the bedroom. Less stress in relationships can also reduce problems in bed. Don’t be ashamed to consult a therapist or doctor if you need outside help. Manage stress effectively to enjoy your sexual relationships.