5 Things You Need to Know About Foods Containing Probiotics

1. Good Bacteria in Our Foods

Probiotic foods are growing in popularity in the United States. Their popularity is due to the fact there’s growing evidence these foods are extremely good for us, giving us a better quality of life. Ironically, “probiotic” in its Greek translation means “for life.” Our bodies have many microorganisms living in our systems, and some are good and some are bad. Medications and illness sometimes kill off the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria. Probiotics replenish these good bacteria back into our bodies. They’re often referred to as the “good bacteria.”

2. Yogurt, a Probiotic Champion Food

Yogurt is one of the best known foods with probiotic additives that we have in the U.S. It contains the good bacteria that replenish the healthy bacteria back into our bodies. Even better, some probiotics are found naturally in yogurt. The body’s digestive tract has more than 400 different types of good bacteria that line the inner walls. These bacteria fight infections and help to keep us healthy. Yogurt is impressive, as it contains the biggest group of the good bacteria. So eat your yogurt to help keep your digestive tract healthy.

3. Dairy to Japanese, Probiotics Please

Some dairy products are fermented and some are not. Probiotic additives can be in both types. Some of these to look for include buttermilks, butter, sour cream and cheeses. Some cheeses have natural probiotics, as they are fermented, and the same goes for sauerkraut and some pickles. Many Japanese foods contain probiotic additives. The Japanese foods with known probiotics are some of the favorites, such as miso, miso soup, tempeh, soy foods and soy beverages.

4. Read, Learn and Enjoy Probiotic Foods

Look for food labels when you grocery shop that state the product contains probiotic additives, live cultures, probiotic or active cultures. Check out the list of ingredients to see if probiotic additives are listed. Learn to enjoy foods known for probiotic health benefits, such as some of the Japanese choices, and order these when you dine out. Switch some of your kitchen staples to those that include probiotic additives. Your body will thank you for making healthy food choices.

5. Build a Strong Health Foundation With Probiotic Foods

Foods with probiotics are amazingly good for our bodies. The probiotics help our bodies to increase the amount of healthy bacteria in our system. Adding foods containing probiotics into our diet helps us to be healthier and helps to boost our body’s immunity so we can fight infections. With the help of the probiotic foods, our bodies are able to combat illnesses, such as yeast infections in women, diarrhea, digestive disorders and even reduce our risk for colon cancer and other cancers.