5 Things You Need to Know About Sex’s Effects on the Body

1. Frequent Sex Can Make You Healthier

Safe sex, especially with a committed and loving partner, can bring medical health benefits. It can provide a healthy dose of exercise. The bed can actually be a good exercise machine and vigorous sexual activity can burn 200 calories. Sex can contribute to improved fitness. Studies show men reduced their risk of heart attack or stroke with regular sexual activity. Endorphins released during sex can relieve pain from things such as migraines or arthritis. For women, regular sex increases estrogen production and lessens the symptoms of PMS. For men, some studies point to sex for a reduction in prostate cancer.

2. Sex Changes Your Mood and Attitude

Sex is a good exercise that can release endorphins to help improve your mood. Having good sexual relations can reduce depression, improve confidence and boost self-esteem. Intimacy from a healthy sexual relationship can make a difference in your attitudes on life. A happy, positive outlook on life seems to increase your desire for sex and enjoyment. There is a correlation between mood and sex based on the lack of desire when people are blue. Depression impacts the ability to enjoy a good sexual relationship.

3. Stress Impacts Sex for Better or Worse

For some, sex can be a stress reliever. It can help your body relax, breathe deeply, release endorphins and enjoy intimacy. What could be better for stress management? Sometimes, however, too much stress in your body can lower your desire for sex or enjoyment of the activity. Frequent worry can reduce your libido. Stress within a relationship also reduces the desire to engage in good sexual relations.

4. Sex Can Cause Pain on the Body

It’s not all good news. Sometimes the body experiences pain during sexual intercourse. Pain can be caused by a variety of reasons: vaginal dryness, STDs, urinary tract infections, endometriosis or other causes. Seek medical assistance if sex is too painful. Bleeding or pain after sex can be a result of a vaginal infection or other problem. Any bleeding after sex that is not associated with a menstrual cycle should be evaluated by a medical professional. Lower back pain can also occur during sex.

5. Relax the Body, Enjoy the Sex

There are ways you can prepare your body to physically and emotionally enjoy sex. You can create a physical environment before sex to help your body relax. Sometimes a massage to your body can prepare your body for better sexual enjoyment. Good communication with your partner before sex can increase the physical bond. Some respond well to mood lighting, scents or music to help the body unwind. For many women, putting your mind into the moment and letting go of the day’s stresses may improve your ability to enjoy sex.

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