Abdominal Exercises for a Six-Pack

Washboard abs don’t just appear out of nowhere. Getting the six-pack you’ve always wanted in order to look good in that bathing suit takes consistent exercise. Even if you can’t make it to the gym, there are several abdominal exercises you can do to tighten up your belly and create a six-pack you can bounce quarters off.

Figure Eights

All you’ll need for this exercise is a chair and a towel. Sit up straight in the chair and hold the towel in your left hand between your legs. Keep your right hand planted on the seat of the chair behind you. Flex your ab muscles and whip the towel from side to side in a figure-eight motion. Whip the towel as fast as you can. The towel moving through the air will create extra resistance. Do eight to 10 figure eights, then repeat with the other hand.

Ballet Twist

Ballet moves aren’t just for dancers. They can also help you get the abs you’ve always wanted. Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Keeping your back straight, lean back so your upper body forms a 45-degree angle with the floor. Raise both hands above your head as if you were going to do a ballet move. Bring your left hand down and twist your body to the left, reaching as far up as you can with your right hand. You can use your left arm to brace yourself on the floor, but you’ll get a better effect if you use your abs to keep yourself upright rather than your arms. Untwist your body and bring your left arm back up, then repeat for the other side. Do 10 to 15 repetitions for each side, then rest.

The Matrix

No, it’s not a scene from a movie. It’s a killer move that will have your abs burning in no time. Hold a medicine ball or simply a weighted object in your hands, such as a stack of heavy books, and kneel on the floor. Keeping your back straight, lean back so your upper body forms a 45-degree angle with the floor. Hold this position for five to 10 seconds, then return to the start. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Nose-to-Knee Crunch

If you have a fitness ball or even an elevated piece of furniture like an ottoman, the nose-to-knee crunch is an easy but effective workout for your abs. Position yourself with your hands on the ball or furniture and your feet touching the ground, in a push-up position. Do a push-up, then as you extend your arms, bring one knee up toward your upper body. Do another push-up, then on the way up repeat the knee motion with the other knee. Do eight to 10 repetitions with each knee.

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