Ankle Weight Effects

Whether you are rehabbing a pulled hamstring or starting a new fitness regimen, resistance plays a major role. Free weights and pulley machines are frequently utilized during resistance training, but there are other options. You can substitute ankle weights during many training-related activities and experience the same effects that other forms of resistance provide.


Incorporating ankle weights into any exercise program involves the use of the lower extremities. This increases the body’s calorie burning potential and adds strength to the targeted muscles. The added resistance at the ankle is also used in rehabilitation settings involving hip replacement therapy and osteopenia treatment by increasing bone density and hip-joint lubrication.


According to the ACSM, wearing ankle weights during resistance training can be uncomfortable and immediately increases the probability of post-exercise muscle soreness and fatigue. High impact activities such as running and plyometrics are discouraged while wearing ankle weights due to increased spinal column pressure and risk for injury in the hip and knee joints.

Final Analysis

Ankle weights are proven alternatives for resistance training in virtually any location, including home gyms, hotel rooms and wellness centers. Although you should take precautionary measures while wearing them, the use of ankle weights can be quite beneficial.

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