Arena Swim Goggles

Swim goggles are useful for competitive swimmers and recreational swimmers alike. Not only do they help you see underwater, but they also protect your eyes from chlorine and help keep your vision clear. There are many types of swim goggles, and Arena swim goggles have been around for quite some time as an equipment staple in the swim community.


  • Swimming goggles were originally modeled after aviator goggles. As the sport of swimming matured and more strokes became involved in competitions, it became impractical to swim with one’s head out of the water. Now, goggles are a staple of the sport and everyone is encouraged to wear them during practice, play and competition.


  • Arena makes a wide variety of swim goggles. There are competition goggles that are extremely flat and fit tightly to the face, mirrored goggles to protect the eyes from the sun as well as chlorine, and a variety of rubber and foam-lined goggles that help mold the goggles to your face to prevent leakage. Arena also makes swimming masks, which are a lot like snorkeling masks and are good for children who may be afraid to go underwater without holding their noses.


  • Arena swim goggles can serve many functions. All of them keep water out of your eyes and prevent your eyes from being irritated by chlorine and other chemicals, however, there are other roles for goggles. Goggles that have little or no lining add less drag to a swimmer and are often streamlined to create a sleeker underwater profile that can subtract precious seconds from a race. Other Arena goggles are just plain fun and have holographic images like reptilian eyes or dolphins that appear on them when the light hits them correctly.


  • When you are purchasing Arena swim goggles, you need to consider several factors. Arena goggles tend to have a slightly wider lens than other brands. While this can make it easier to see the world around you, it makes these goggles fit narrow faces less tightly and may result in leaks. If you are going to buy a child Arena goggles, you need to be sure that the lenses will actually stick tightly to his face rather than sticking off the edges.


  • Many people think that all goggles are the same. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Each brand of goggles has its own unique designs. Arena, as discussed, tends to have larger lenses. The brand also uses thicker straps in many cases, which makes them good for practice but not necessarily the best choice for a race when every second–and every little bit of drag–counts.


  • It is very important that you size and fit goggles correctly. Improperly fitting goggles can fill with water continually or fall off during a big race. Also, goggles that do not fit the face correctly can rub sores around the eyes or cause headaches.