At Home Fitness Tips

You don’t need to use fancy equipment or join expensive classes to be fit. In fact, you don’t need to change much in your daily routine if you want to get some exercise. You can get a full-body workout and achieve greater levels of physical fitness than some gym addicts by transforming your home into your own personal fitness center.

Use What You Have

Look around your house and you will see that many everyday items can double as exercise paraphernalia. Some simple creativity can go a long way. For example, grab a couple of cans of food and use them as light weights and maybe work your way up to working out with laundry detergent bottles. Climbing up and down your stairs–detergent bottles in hands–will provide you with some cardiovascular exercise as well as help you tone your upper and lower body.

Do Equipment-Free Exercises

Some of the best exercises require you to use nothing but your own body. Walk around the block–or around your house if the weather is glum–after dinner, do some crunches and push-ups before you take a shower to work your core muscles, and jog in place in between commercial breaks when you are watching television. When you’re planning your grocery list, do some squats to strengthen your thighs, buttocks and hips.


Dancing is a fun and versatile way to get fit. Go to your local library or movie store and grab a high-energy dance workout DVD. Pop it into your DVD player to get your blood pumping before you go to work in the morning. Cnsider buying a dance video game and work on improving your score as you fine-tune your dance moves. Even if you just dance around your house to your favorite music each night you are helping yourself to achieve greater levels of fitness.


Many kids are good at staying fit because they still engage in energetic play. Tap into your inner child and try to remember what your favorite activities were, or simply follow the lead of your own children. Go for a family bike ride, take an ice-skating class, purchase a big trampoline and have a bounce-a-thon in your backyard, or buy a pair of rollerblades in your favorite color. Chances are you’ll end up having so much fun that you forget you’re getting some exercise.

Eat Well

You can’t achieve total body fitness if you’re eating processed junk foods after your home workouts. The Healthy Eating Pyramid by the Harvard School of Public Health says that primarily sticking to a plant-based diet is the healthiest way to eat. Pick out colorful fruits and vegetables at the store, eat mostly whole grains as opposed to refined grains, and incorporate some healthy fats such as olive oil. Also eat lean, protein-rich foods such as poultry and fish to give your muscles the support they need during your fitness makeover. Pre-packing your own healthy snacks such as celery and peanut butter in zip-seal bags will encourage you to make healthier decisions when you’re craving food between meals.

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