Back Hair Removal Techniques

Depending on the person, back hair can cover a lot of surface area, or it can appear in small patches. Regardless of the severity, if you have unwanted back hair, you have several removal options at your disposal. Being that it is on your back, you need an assistant for some techniques.


Laser hair removal is done by a trained doctor or nurse. This technique involves the use of a high powered beam of light that gets shot down on your skin. Once the light seeks out the melanin that gives your hair its color, it destroys the follicle and the hair that goes with it. According to the Mayo Clinic, for best results, you may need four to six treatments spaced a number of weeks apart. Even though this is considered a permanent hair removal solution, regrowth can still take place over time.


Depilatory creams have active ingredients that break down the protein found in hair. To use this technique, wash your back and leave it wet. Have an assistant apply the cream liberally on your back. Let it set up for the recommended time set forth by the manufacturer. Have your assistant wipe off the hair and cream with a damp wash cloth or towel. Repeat in all areas where you want hair removed. Hair removal from depilatories can last up to 14 days. Do not use on broken skin, and avoid contact with your eyes and mouth.


Shaving is the old-fashioned way to remove back hair. Have your assistant trim the hair down with a pair of electric shears. Wash your back and leave it wet as you have your assistant lather your back with shaving cream. Have them run a fresh razor blade across your skin in short, smooth strokes. Have them wash the blade in the sink every few strokes to clean off the residue. Continue in all areas where you have air. The downside of shaving is it will only last a few days before your hair starts growing back.


Waxing is a technique you an do at home with a kit or at a salon. Hot wax gets applied to your skin and a durable cloth strip then gets flattened out over top of it. The strip gets pulled off in a fast motion, taking the hair and wax with it. This treatment can keep your back free of hair for several weeks.


Plucking is a type of removal that can be done on small patches of hair. Have your assistant grasp a single hair about a quarter inch from the skin’s surface with a pair of tweezers. Have them pull straight out in a smooth motion. Repeat with all the hair that you want removed. Hair removal from plucking can last anywhere from one to two months.