Ballerina Bun


From the age of five until high school I was in ballet class. My hair was my crowning glory and reached down to my hips in a mass of waves. The dark brown locks were heavy, and hard to care for. I often got into trouble for “not having the perfect bun” when I was younger. Then, my grandmother took over doing my hair and this is how she taught me to do my hair in the “perfect ballerina bun”. I didn’t get in trouble if I followed these steps.

(1) Dampen Hair: Get a spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Lightly spritz the entire hair from root to tip to make sure it is damp. Make sure not to make it dripping wet. This will make the hair heavier and hard to manage. Use your fingers or a brush/comb to evenly distribute the moisture.

(2) Brush through hair and secure ponytail towards the crown of the head. Make sure to brush the hair until it is silky smooth. Nothing looks worse than lumps from the hairline to the ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is secure, but not so tight that it causes pain.

(3) Brush ponytail until it is smooth and shiny. Once you have it smooth, damp, and ready to go; twist it around and around to make a “rope” of hair.

(4) Begin at the base of the ponytail and wrap the roped coil of hair around. Each time it is wrapped it should be in the same direction and a larger coil should appear hiding the smaller coils underneath. After it is wrapped, tuck the edges under.

(5) Pin it up: Bobby pins will be your best friend when making a ballerina bun. Get pins in the shade nearest your hair and secure the bun with them. If you go around the outer circumference of the bun, and stick them into the under edges; they will be hidden.

(6) Spray spray spray: Use a good quality hairspray to spray the entire hair and focus most of the attention on the bun. Don’t overdo so it is sticky or “fake” looking, but give it a good even covering. Also, get some shine spray and use that atop the hair spray. There are many products now that add shine and hold. Those are the best to use so you won’t have to buy two products. You get a glossy look as well as the hold you need.

(7) Dance Dance Dance: You are done and have the “Perfect Ballerina Bun” now. It make take some practice, but be sure to follow the steps as you practice. My teacher taught me that “practice make permanent” not always perfect. So, follow the correct steps and practice. Your bun will be the envy of your dance class!