Baseball Videos for Kids

If you have a child who loves baseball, she might enjoy watching videos about her favorite sport. You can find baseball videos geared toward kids that can make learning the basics about the sport fun and instructional. Because of the specialty nature of baseball videos, you might want to look at online retailers of fitness videos for kids.

Play Ball!

Play Ball! is a series of videos that focus on aspects of baseball. Your child can learn the basics of hitting, pitching and fielding techniques that are highlighted in each DVD. A Training Pack set is also available that includes all three DVDs from the series. The videos give step-by-step instruction on how to play Little League baseball. After instruction, a series of practice drills are recommended. The videos are hosted by comedian Ray Romano and each have a running time of 45 minutes.

Teaching Kids Baseball with Jerry Kindall

This video is hosted by former University of Arizona baseball coach, Jerry Kindall. ESPN produced the DVD and has portions for kid players and coaches. The kids are given details on how to properly hit, throw, run, slide and work as a team. The coaches are taught not only about good player form, but how to encourage children during competition. The psychological effects of encouraging players are also touched upon. Running time is 75 minutes.

The Littlest Leaguers: Learn to Play Baseball

The Littlest Leaguers are featured in a number of fitness videos for kids, including soccer, basketball and baseball. To draw kids in, the DVD has animation, songs and jokes. A talking baseball glove, baseball and bat guide children through the different lessons. Besides hitting, pitching and fielding, a special section is included that focuses on good sportsmanship and working as a team. The video moves at a slow enough pace to help kids easily follow along. Running time is 40 minutes.

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