Basketball Goal Height Regulations

In a memorable moment in the movie “Hoosiers,” the coach of the small-town team from Milan measured the height of the basketball goal inside the championship gymnasium before his team took the floor for practice. This simple gesture was to show the players that the goal was just as far from the floor there as it was at their small gym at home. Likewise, the height of the goals used by the legendary professional players is precisely the same as the goal height at your local high school. Although other regulations have changed and some rules vary among different leagues, the basketball goal height of 10 feet has remained a consistent feature. Understanding goal height regulations is helpful when setting up a home court for practice or fun.

Professional Basketball Goal Height

Professional teams in both the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) are required to have a basketball goal height of 10 feet from the floor. The rim must be parallel to the floor and centered between the vertical sides of the backboard.

Junior to Senior High School and College Goal Height

Players from junior-high age through college also play with 10-foot high basketball goals. The goal requirements are the same as professional teams, but court size and dimensions are different.

Youth League Basketball Goal Height

Depending on league rules, goal height for very young basketball players can range from 8 to 10 feet. Youth leagues in the more competitive Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) compete with a 10-foot basketball goal. Many coaches prefer that younger players start out practicing with goals that are lower to develop proper form.

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