Beauty Tips for Over 50

When you turn 50, the same beauty routines, colors and techniques that you’ve been using for years might not cut it anymore. Changing skin, menopause and time constraints all affect how your beauty routine changes over time, and if you don’t change with it, you might find that you look like a caricature of your younger self. Instead of clinging to the past, adopt new beauty routines and techniques that help you look better, younger and healthier than ever.

Add Moisture

Age, menopause and stress can dry out your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated will help you look younger and allow your makeup to glide on more smoothly. Apply a daily moisturizer, and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out, recommends. Keep bottle of water in your purse so you always have water handy.

Makeup Formulas

You might have worn a heavy foundation and powder before, but, as you age, heavy makeup has a way of sinking into your fine lines to make you look older. Instead of using heavy makeup to hide flaws, choose lighter coverage with light-diffusing minerals to conceal flaws with less makeup. Consider a cream-to-powder foundation instead of adding powder on top of your makeup; powder can make look aging skin even drier, says.

Makeup Colors

Each season, new makeup colors are rolled out by the cosmetic companies. But, at age 50, it’s time to stop worrying about trends and sticking to the colors that look good on your skin tone. Have your makeup done by a professional, letting her know that you are specifically looking for colors that will complement you. Choose matte formulas over shimmery ones that can emphasize lines and wrinkles. Choose fresh colors, such as pink and plum, to help you look younger.

Wear Sunscreen

A woman of any age should wear sunscreen daily, but it is especially important for women over 50. Your aging skin becomes less able to protect itself from the harsh rays of the sun, and it is even slower to rejuvenate when sunburn occurs, notes the Skin Cancer Foundation. Lower your risk for skin cancer by applying sunscreen as part of your daily beauty routine. It will help your skin look younger, with less lines and discoloration.

Choose Lip Gloss

With age comes fine lines and wrinkles, especially expression lines that might appear around the lips. Lines around the lips can cause an unflattering feathering effect that makes your age more obvious. instead of lipstick, switch to lighter-colored lip gloss that can be applied without the risk of coloring, suggests The look is younger and more natural, and it will hide your age better than heavy lipstick.