Benefit Cosmetics Accessories

You would not think that such a small insignificant cosmetic accessory could come in so useful, mind you in the end I had to send away for it because my local Benefit stockists had none on their shelves. 

What am I talking about? The Benefit biggie pencil sharpener.

I use quite a few different pencils, my brows are thinning so I need a brow pencil and on the odd occasion I enlist the help of a touch of eye-liner pencil if I am going out anywhere special. I find that a hint of eye-liner underneath my lower lid does make a vast difference, my eyes look a little bit bigger. Plus there are so many fabulous plumping lip pencils about that it would be silly not to try them all out. Ordinary lipsticks are easy to deal with, you just twist the case and up pops the lipstick ready for you to apply but the thick plumping pencils have to be sharpened and looked after a little bit more carefully.

If you have lip colour pencils then you will instantly recognise this problem – the tip of the lip pencil has worn down, so you cannot get an outline and the lip colour is soft where it has been sitting in your make up bag, you start to sharpen it with a small kitchen knife and before you know it you have sharpened away oodles of expensive lip pencil. Frustrating and I have done that loads of times !

I personally like the Benefit cosmetics, maybe in general the range is aimed at the younger market but there are quite a few bits that I love. The Hoola bronzing powder is great and a friend of mine just loves the Bad gal lash mascara. I think that you can pick the range out from others simply by the packaging that the company use, it is pretty unique and fashionably retro.

Now, I cannot give you masses of information about the Benefit Biggie pencil sharpener because there is only so much that you can say about such a small item but I can tell you that it is a really useful piece of kit to own. The Benefit pencil sharpener looks like any other pencil sharpener but it has been especially designed to sharpen the jumbo sized lip colour pencils that are otherwise incredibly difficult to sharpen. The sharpener is just a plain black plastic one that has Benefit stamped on the side and I paid £3.50 for mine from an Internet cosmetics company. If you take a look on the Benefits cosmetics website then I think you will see that the biggie sharpener costs the same but they also make a dual sharpener, this can cope with large and small pencils and in hindsight I wished that I had sent for this one instead.

If I need to have a sharpening session then I have learnt, the lip colour pencil needs to be chilled in the fridge first of all, once the lip colour is cold it sharpens easily and you don’t end up wasting precious make-up. It may only be a lip pencil sharpener but that valuable little piece of kit still needs a little maintenance, every time I have used the sharpener I wash it out before I put it away. The inside of the sharpener soon gets clogged up with debris and that could easily attract dirt and bacteria and ultimately you could end up with an unwanted infection. I am a bit sad and I am not too keen on sharing my make up, make up brushes or make up kit with anyone else.

The giant Benefit pencil sharpener makes a grand job, it couldn’t be more simple to use and once you have bought it, it will not need to be replaced for a long time. £3.50 well spent in my eyes.