Benefits of Ginger Root

Ginger root is famous for not only spicing up food, but also as a health supplement and medicinal treatment. This plant can be used for many different ailments and can help a person avoid traditional over-the- counter medications. It is sold in most grocery stores and can be found in the produce section. To prepare ginger root, simply peel off the skin and dry, cook or boil the ginger root. It can also be consumed raw.


  • The use of ginger root as a spice as well as a health supplement dates back to well before the Middle Ages. It is not known exactly when this plant was introduced to society, or by whom. However, historical documentation indicates that ginger root was likely first grown and used by the Chinese and people of India. It was later introduced to Europe and the rest of the Western world as trade routes spread.


  • Ginger root is sold and packaged in various ways. It can be purchased fresh, dried with the peel off, candied, pickled, preserved in a liquid, powdered or as a capsul. Ginger can be purchased in most produce sections and typically at farmer’s markets and health food stores.


  • Many countries produce ginger and use ginger root in cooking and for health purposes. These countries include, but are not limited to India, China, Australia, Nigeria and Jamaica. India produces more ginger than any other country. Though most of the ginger that is purchased in the U.S. is imported, many people grow ginger at home because it is a relatively simple plant to grow and can be grown both indoors and out. A warm climate or environment and plenty of moisture are key elements to growing ginger root.


  • There are a variety of benefit of consuming ginger root. Some benefits include easing dyspepsia (upset stomach), treating colic, aiding the elimination of waste in the gallbladder that helps get rid of gallstones and relieving the pain caused by arthritis. Other benefits from ginger root are reducing or eliminating nausea, relieving diarrhea, easing sinus congestion, reducing the burning feeling caused by athlete’s foot fungus, acting as a blood thinner and lowering cholesterol.


  • Take precaution when ingesting ginger root because it can have side effects when combined with certain prescription medications. Always check with your pharmacist before starting any new health treatments with ginger root. A small number of people will have an allergic reaction to ginger root and signs of allergic reaction include stomach troubles such as bloating, heartburn and stomach acid, as well as nausea.