Benefits of Lcn Gel Nails

Every woman likes to look her best and a relatively inexpensive and simple way to do so is to step up on your nail care regime. Now for all of us who are not blessed with long, perfectly formed and strong nails we have to cheat a bit. Nail biting is a problem that lots of women suffer from and cause nails to become unattractive and brittle. This is why the fake nail business has taken off in the way that it has. It boosts a woman’s confidence to look down at her hands and see a perfectly polished set of nails gleaming back at her. Not to mention the pleasure of receiving compliments on your beautiful talons.

So in a sea of techniques and procedures that all promise to give you the nails of a Hollywood a-lister which one do you choose? LCN stands for Light Concept Nails, and is a material that is as strong as acrylic and looks like a gel. Gel nails are commonly known to the safest form of fake nails as they do not chip off easily and are durable due to the gel. The nails also have a life expectancy that when reached then begin to detach themselves from your own nails so there is no need for an expensive removal treatment.

Gel nails are a safer and more efficient alternative to acrylics. Acrylics, if applied incorrectly can be damaging to the original nails and can cause them to weaken. Light Concept Nails are made of a gel-like lightly cured resin that looks more natural in appearance than acrylics. It also doesn’t do the same damage that acrylics can do. They are non-porous so the nail underneath is protected and does not become discoloured. Light Concept Nails use no harsh chemicals or unpleasant odours that you can experience with acrylic nails. Overall the application is a more pleasant one for the client therefore they are more likely to recommend the service to friends and to visit again themselves.

With any artificial product the emphasis is always on natural appearance of the product. The reason that LCN treatments are so widely used is that they resemble the look and feel of naturally healthy nails. And they last for up to four weeks. Due to the consistency of the resin they are stronger than original acrylics so you won’t need any emergency nail appointments to attach any missing nails in the first few weeks of having them fitted. And the maintenance is relatively low too. LCN products take the stress out of having artificial nails fitted and are revolutionary in the nail industry. 

There is also a wide range of LCN products so you are able to customise your nails to reflect your personality or mood. You can have anything from a classic French manicure to a variety of different colours and combinations. Whatever style you chose you can be sure that you will be pleased with the results and that the compliments won’t stop flowing in.