Best Beauty and Skin Care Gifts for Teen Girls

Trying to buy gifts for teen girls is never an easy task and the simple fact is that gift cards and cash are the way to go.  However, should one wish to brave the wrath of a teenager and put some actual thought into a gift makeup and skincare products are the way to go.  Sephora has become the mecca of beauty for women worldwide and is the best place to scope out a gift.  The stores can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for so I suggest checking out the website,, before heading into the melee.  The website is also the best place to look because the online store carries many items not available in stores plus you can read customers reviews before deciding to purchase an item.  Teen girls is a wide ranging age spectrum running the gambit of thirteen year olds venturing into the realm of makeup for the first time, to worldly college students and different brands and products are appropriate for the differing groups.

The easy way to go is with the amazing sample sets that Sephora offers which give the receiver of the gift the chance to try out a plethora of of products by the best brands in the business.  Sample sets exist in collections of mascara, lip glosses, eye shadows, and even bronzing kits when the season is right.  Great brands for the younger set are Harajuku Lovers, by Gwen Stefani which offers delightfully packaged items with a cute Asian flare, Too Faced, which has great lip stains for a more natural look, and DuWop, both brands have great shimmery eye shadows and lip glosses that teens love and parents hate.  The best of the lip glosses though has to go to Stila, which has a practically innumerable amount of shades and coverage options for every girl from dark purple to the lightest most perfect pink.  As far as skin care is concerned, everyone knows the issues facing a teens visage and the expense that goes along with keeping it clear, so a gift of this sort would be welcome so long as it doesn’t say “acne treatment”.  Philosophy’s “On a Clear Day” kit is a great kit to help keep skin clear without the embarrassment.  Another great kit is the Murad “Live Clear” set which is exclusively at Sephora.

For the older teens there are some edgier brands that offer more intense makeup and higher prices.  Kat Von D’s line is a personal favorite of mine, and I can attest to her Temporary Tattoo liquid eyeliner as being one of the best out there.  Von D’s line also offers eye shadow kits and great brush sets, which are always appreciated.  Another bonus to this line is that you’ll get points from your teen for knowing who Kat Von D is.  Makeup Forever is the go to source for incredible fake lashes and intense pigments, and one can never leave out Benefit and once again Stila.  These two brands offer a more grownup palette of muted eye shadows and awesome highlighters.  Skin care must haves of all sorts can be taken care of by two brands, Bliss and Ole Henricksen.  Both brands offer cool kits of to take care of your various skin care needs, the Ole Henriksen kit for sensitive skin is amazing as is their blemish control kit, while Bliss offers spa quality scrubs and masks.

It’s a gutsy decision to buy a female of any age beauty products as we all have our favorites and foibles when it comes to how we take care of ourselves.  But keeping it simple and going with a pre-packaged kit offered by a store or brand can be the best way to show you care.