Best Cures for Split Ends

Although you cannot “get rid” of your split ends, many women prefer to find a way to deal with them without causing more damage to their hair or cutting. There are temporary cosmetic ways to seal your split ends to allow for more growth before grabbing the scissors. One thing people should realize is that split end do not stay split ends. If not taken care of the hair will continue to split and separate until eventually they split all the way up to roots of your hair. You will notice your hair is becoming thinner when split ends are left unattended. The single best way to cure split ends is to cut them. The technical term for split ends is “Trichoptilosis” the name says it all!

Hair is made up primarily of protein. Protein gives the hair its strength and resilience. The more protein your hair retains the less likely it is to split at the ends. There’s WONDERFUL product on the market called, “Ahpogee”. Aphogee is straight animal protein that mimic the protein found in hair. When used correctly Aphogee can fuse split ends and make your hair smooth from roots to ends. This is a great temporary fix if you just can’t bring yourself to cut your ends right away. Aphogee is a very potent product and must, must, must be used correctly and according to directions on the bottle.

The way it works is that the product is in liquid form. The molecules in the product are very small. You shampoo your hair and towel blot well. I like to use a color bottle to apply the product to my hair. Apply the Aphogee to your hair and make certain you use enough of the product to coat the hair completely. Using a hair dryer that you can sit under (preferred) dry the product in your hair until it is fully dried. Your hair will be very, very hard to the touch – do not comb, brush, or manipulate the hair when it is in this state. Doing so will cause adverse results and may end up breaking the hair. A hand blow dryer may also be used to dry the product into your hair.

The molecules of the product is small enough to slip into the holes created by everyday styling and/or chemical damage. While drying the molecules expand to fill up these holes with protein and act like your hair’s natural protein. When product has dried fully, rinse your hair very well with warm water. Towel blot your hair and apply a very moisturizing conditioner and place a plastic cap over your hair to allow the conditioner to penetrate. The Aphogee fills in holes, creates strength and temporarily seals split ends. The moisturizing conditioner softens your hair and makes it supple and pliable. Now you are ready to style your hair as you would normally do. Remember regardless of the products applied to the hair to hide split ends, the only true method to getting rid of them is to cut them off.