Best Haircuts for Fine Hair

The curse of fine hair may be too strong a term but for many, especially women with fine hair syndrome, it is an ongoing battle to find a style that makes hair look full and luxurious. Fine hair can look slick and shiny on the right person, but for others, it seems they can do nothing to achieve the look they desire. This applies to both men and women. Fine hair often means flat hair and this generally doesn’t look good on anyone.

The challenge for the fine hair brigade is to either find a hair product that gives volume or get themselves a haircut that will help them do the most with their hair. In most cases, the key to a haircut suitable for fine hair is to have it cut short and then try to do something with it. The longer your hair is, the heavier it is too and will be liable just to lie flat in spite of your attempts to give it body and volume.


For men with fine hair, a short haircut means they get it cut and leave it. Perhaps a touch of hair gel is all they require and they are good to go. For a women, there is going to be more work involved. Too many women fail to appreciate what others see when they look at their long, fine hair. Some have been influenced by the Jennifer Aniston look and even with fine hair, have resorted to hair straighteners which only make the problem worse.

Flat hair never really looks very good regardless of what you might think when you look in the mirror. Luxurious, high volume hair always looks better, especially on women. For those blighted with fine hair, cutting it shorter will allow you to do more with it. With longer hair, it is possible to achieve a degree of volume with a perm or using curlers but eventually you will be back where you started. Removing some of the length means you can use hair volume products more effectively to give you the body you want.

If you have fine, straight hair and want to keep it long, you will find it helps to put curlers in for a while in the morning and leave them for 30 minutes or so. This will give the feeling of added volume when you take them out. Adding a touch of hairspray will help to keep that volume for a while too. How long a woman will keep her hair usually depends on their age with older women favoring the shorter cut. If you have fine, short hair, there is nothing wrong with using a little hair gel just to keep your hair in place. If you don’t mind the wild look, don’t use a brush but just finger your hair into the position you want.

There is nothing you can do to change the texture of your hair but there is plenty you can do to deal with fine hair. Cutting it a bit shorter will always help to give more body and volume. Using hair are products designed to build volume will also help. Ultimately, you just have to accept you have fine hair and make the most of it!