Best Haircuts for Thinning Hair

The best haircuts for thinning hair depends on your hair texture, what areas are thinning and the shape of your face. Finding the right hair style for your thinning hair is key to having your hair looking thicker and healthy.


Bangs included with any hair style is a good way to make your hair appear fuller and conceal problem areas. The further back you cut your bangs, the thicker the front of your hair will look. However, you do not want to cut your bangs too far back because it will take away from the hair style and make it apparent that you are hiding something.

The Bob Cut

The Bob cut has several different variations, but the idea is to have the hair all one length. When the hair is all one length, it stacks, which makes the hair look fuller, thicker and healthier. The size of the Bob needs to match your face, so you must determine what length your Bob should be so that is looks great on you. However you do not want your Bob hair style too long, because the weight of the long hair can make your hair appear even thinner.

The Crop

The Crop is a tapered short hair style that is a good style for thinning hair, especially when the sides of your hair are what are thinning. When the sides of your hair are thinning the best way to mask the problem area is to have shorter hair around the face. The Crop involves cutting hair into layers and tapering which adds volume to your hair.

The Cap Cut

The Cap cut is idea if you have a small oval shaped face along with thinning hair. This haircut is an all bangs style that gives your hair body. The Cap cut also brings more attention to the eyes and other facial features.

Thinning hair looks better in short hair styles and in layers. The point is to have stylish, full, healthy looking hair. You have to acknowledge what products, styles and cuts works for your thinning hair, in addition to what looks good with your hair type. Once you know what haircut to conceal your thinning hair is the right one for you, then you will be able to manage your thinning hair with less frustration. Your newly found confidence about your thinning hair and new hairstyle will have you looking great.