Best Mens Hair Styles for Thin Hair

If you are a man with thin hair you may be facing the dilemma of deciding what type of hairstyle will suit you the best. There is a tendency for men who have thinning hair to attempt to cover up the lack of fullness produced by not having thicker hair with a style that is long. Unfortunately this doesn’t usually work very well, but happily there are other styles which can make your hair appear fuller that will suit you.

Often men with thin hair loathe the idea of having a hair cut. They cling onto what little hair they have left in the belief that more is better. If this sounds like you then understanding a little about hairstyling for thin hair will help you to instinctively know what suits you better. Thin hair will look thicker if it is cut into layers. Layers create fullness and body, while thin hair left to grow long accentuates any bald patches and lies flat across the wearers scalp.

Opting for layers for your hair style will help you to look younger and fresher. It will also make you feel more confident and be less concerned about having thin hair. Don’t be afraid to let a little of the top of your scalp show when you have a new haircut. Most of the time people won’t even notice and it will become a part of your own style.

You may choose to use a little gel or Brylcreem in your hair to create a tousled look. This can be achieved by putting a coin sized amount of styling cream onto your finger tips and running it through your hair. This hair style is both fashionable and attractive.

Another way to style layered hair is to brush hair to one side, and to have bangs, or to spike hair using hair mousse. Doing so will hide bald spots and create a unique look.

Thin hair can also be buzz cut. This means that it is cut with a razor until it is fairly short all over, leaving hair soft to the touch and even. A buzz cut tends to universally suit most men and can be a smart and presentable alternative to bothering with a hair cut which requires constant attention and work.

You may have thin hair which is simply this way and which has nothing to do with the aging process that can make men’s hair become thin. In such a case you probably don’t have any balding patches to worry about, but still want your hair to appear thicker and to have more volume.

You can give your hair extra lift by keeping the style short and by drying it with a blower dryer when you have your head hung down towards the ground. By letting warm air dry your hair well at the roots you will notice that your hair style instantly looks fuller bodied.