Best Tinted Moisturiser

A tinted moisturiser is a great way to smooth and even out skin tone, for light coverage and as an everyday lightweight base for foundation. It can be used by any skin colour, so it is extremely versatile and extremely easy to apply. Here are the top 3 tinted moisturisers.

1. The Body Shop – Vitamin E Tinted Moisturiser
’18/19 (95%) would recommend this item to a friend’


Price: 8.80 for 50ml

Advantages: The product is lightweight; it comes in a tube so application is very easy. It provides good coverage and evens out the skin tone extremely well; it gave my skin a glow to it. As it has added Vitamin E it protected my skin. I also felt that it healed my skin and did not damage it.

Disadvantages: It can crumble when applying sometimes.

Would I buy it again: I would buy it again because the quality of the product is great and it provides good coverage.

2. Nivea Visage – Tinted Moisturising Day Cream
‘4 stars from seven reviews’


Price: 5.99 for 50 ml

Advantages: The product is creamy, lightweight and has a great consistency. It looks like a light foundation, though I can build up coverage. It makes my skin look radiant, fresh and like I have naturally clear perfect skin.

Disadvantages: The tinted moisturiser would not come out of the tube when it was nearly gone, which wasted some of it. It becomes dry when you rub it in too much on and can crumble and dry up.

Would I buy it again: I would definitely buy it again because my skin looked naturally clear as if I had absolutely nothing on!

3. Olay – Complete Care Touch of Foundation
‘5 Stars from two reviews’


Price: 9.99 for 50ml

Advantages: This tinted moisturiser is a moisturiser mixed with a max factor foundation. It is a creamy formula and applies onto the skin without any hassle due to the application system, a pump. It provides lightweight to medium coverage, evened out my whole skin tone and created a glowing, soft look.

Disadvantages: The formula may be too thick for oily skin or those who do not like moisture.

Would I buy it again: I would buy it again as the quality of the product is great and it provides an even finish.

If you were confused about which tinted moisturisers to try, here are my top three picks for a great, affordable tinted moisturiser. If though you are happy with your current foundation and want something similar, mix it in with your favourite moisturiser, and there you have your own homemade tinted moisturiser, which very simple to create.