Blood Type Diet Foods

Based on the popular book written by Peter D’Adamo, “Eat Right 4 Your Type,” the philosophy behind this diet is that there is a chemical reaction between your blood and the foods you eat, with each specific reaction acting as a part of your genetic inheritance. Depending on if you are blood type A, AB, B or O, your body will react best to specific types of foods.
The premise for blood type diet foods is predicated on the idea that lectins, the proteins found in foods, will react differently with each blood type. D’Adamo claims that lectins have agglutinating properties that affect the blood and that if you eat foods containing lectins that are not compatible with your blood type, you will have an adverse reaction to those foods. Though the immune system protects your body from lectins, some are filtered into the blood where they can affect your health by targeting an area in your body and agglutinating blood cells in that area.
D’Adamo has created a list of foods that he believes are best for each blood type. Determining your blood type diet food requires a blood test, which you will need to obtain from your health care provider.

What to Look for

If you are an O blood type, you are considered a “hunter,” which tolerates a carnivorous diet. Type Os can eat all types of meat and fish in addition to vegetables, fruit and limited grains, beans and legumes. Type Os should avoid wheat, corn, kidney and navy beans, lentils, cabbage and cauliflower. Weight loss foods for Os are seafood, kelp, liver, red meat, kale, spinach and broccoli.
Blood type A is considered the “cultivator,” a type that can eat vegetables and fruits, but no red meat. As such, the perfect diet for As is vegetables of all kinds, fruits, legumes, beans, grains, tofu and seafood. As should avoid meat, dairy, kidney and lima beans and wheat. Good diet foods for As are vegetable oil, soy foods, vegetables and pineapple.
Type B is considered the “nomad.” Bs can eat meat but not chicken. Other good foods for Bs are dairy, grains, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruit. Foods to avoid are corn, lentils, peanuts, seeds, wheat and buckwheat. Weight loss foods include greens, eggs, liver, licorice and tea.
Blood type AB is considered the “enigma” and functions similarly to both A and B blood types. ABs can eat a mixed diet of meat, seafood, dairy, tofu, beans, legumes, grains, vegetables and fruits but should avoid red meat, kidney and lima beans, seeds, corn and buckwheat. Diet foods include tofu, seafood, dairy, greens, kelp and pineapple.

Common Pitfalls

Many medical experts feel that the blood type diet theory is nonsense and that there is no proven link between a specific blood group and diet. Additionally, some nutritionists feel that the diet for blood types O and A are limited, cutting out major food groups, which can cause a deficiency of calcium and iron. Another potential drawback of the blood type diet is that it can be challenging to maintain when planning a family menu since each family member may have a different blood type with varying requirements.

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