Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown has a great philosophy, she feels that we all ought to love ourselves just the way we are. I agree with her wholeheartedly, there are so many of us who strive to be something that we will never be ( at different times throughout my life that included me !).
Have you ever seen a photo of Bobbi Brown, she is a very attractive woman who has carved herself a successful career as a make up artist.

Love her cosmetics and her way of thinking is really upbeat, in fact her positive outlook is pretty inspirational. Bobbi is a great believer in exercise, healthy eating, drinking gallons of water, not smoking, telling the truth, not giving in, reading to broaden the horizons, being nice to others and last but not least being punctual.
Good standards to maintain although I have to confess that I would fall at the first fence with a few of them.

Debenhams stock quite a range of the Bobbi Brown cosmetics and fragrances and I have to admit that they are not the cheapest of the bunch. But to a certain extent good make-up, make-up removers and moisturisers are a wise buy. The different phases in our life command different types of cosmetics and for me each decade seems to have brought about skin changes that need dealing with in very different ways.

Removing waterproof eye make-up can be tough. Waterproof mascara is great, I find it works well for me. My drawer is like a walking advertisement for mascara’s, if there is a new kid on the block then I do like to try it out.
All in all I find that the non waterproof mascara’s seem to smudge underneath my eyes causing the smudgy black mascara to find its way into the creases under my lower lids, so I prefer to use a waterproof mascara to try to avoid this annoying problem.

The only down side of waterproof mascara is removing it, it can be stubborn and it can take more pressure to remove it. If you use extra pressure on the skin underneath your eyes then the chances are that the papery thin skin will object to the extra pressure and after a while it can have an adverse affect, so the gentler the cleaner the better.

Must admit that I baulked a little at the price of the Bobbi Brown waterproof eye make up remover but I know that one small bottle will last for months, so it economic in the long run.
The small bottle costs just over £14 ( 100mls ) but considering that you are literally using a spot on a cotton wool ball to clean one eye then logic tells you that it is not really extravagant.

Bobbi Brown likes the simple approach and that’s reflected in her style of packaging. The waterproof eye make-up remover comes in a clear glass bottle with a plain black plastic screw top.
On the bottle there is the Bobbi Brown logo and then above that is her name, information printed on the bottle tells you that the remover is to remove long wear make-up.

The eye make-up remover is not really much to write home about, it is clear, it feels slightly oily and it has very little smell attached to it.
The remover does contain Jojoba oil ( this is a natural oil that is extracted from the evergreen bush seeds, Jojoba oil has great moisturising powers and the oil itself is quite silky, if you use Olive oil then the Jojoba oil is not as thick as Olive oil.
Jojoba oil also helps to protect delicate skin – apparently it makes a very good hair oil too.

I always use cotton wool balls to remove my eye make-up, the soft cotton fibres go easy on the under eye area.
You only need a tiny spot of the Bobbi Brown eye make-up remover, don’t be tempted to flood the cotton wool because you will be throwing your hard earned money in the bin once you have cleaned your mascara off. Just a spot of the oil is sufficient to clean away the remains of the day.
I don’t know how you work but I always start off at the inside and work out, so I glide the ready prepared cotton wool ball along the length of my eye and then repeat as necessary.
The Jojoba oil leaves tired eyes feeling good and it has a soothing and calming effect, I have never experienced any problems whilst using the eye make-up remover.
Once you start to clean the mascara away you are moisturising your eyelashes too.
The remover is not an irritant, in fact it is the opposite, it soothes as it cleans.
Once all of the mascara has been removed – and it comes off with ease then you need to rinse off the skin with lukewarm water.
Job done.

Bobbi Brown has tested the long wear eye make-up remover ( dermatologist and ophthalmologist ) and it is suitable for contact lens wearers.

It’s good and it works really well but it would be very much appreciated if the price was a bit lower.