Body Image Issues with Teenagers

What is that I see in the mirror? I see acne, and baby cheeks and split ended hair. I see a wide potato nose, and that is just my face. I have a mole on my neck. My collar bone sticks out. My bust is not big, a B 36 is all. My arms are long sticks with very slight fat. But my waistline is indented. My hips are HUGE. I cannot see my ribs and my tummy looks like an upsidedown cereal bowl. I have thunder thighs and knobby kneecaps, meaty calves and fat ankles. My feet are wide and the toes are crooked. This is the thing I see when I look into that mirror everyday. All 150 pounds of me. Is this what they see? Is this what people think of me every time they see me? Do they see a pizza face, and large lovehandles, and meaty calves? I wish they could see a prettier part of me.

Once I was told that inner beauty was what counted. I was stubborn and questioned rudely, “Then why do people judge?” He told me that I was special and that when I felt my inner beauty shine; my writing skills, my dancing talents, my happiness, my confidence; I was the most physically attractive girl in the room. This is who, NOT what he saw.

As teenagers, I think that we definitely focus a lot on self image. A lot of people actually tell me I am pretty, but when I concentrate on all my flaws I feel like the ugly duckling. It is really important to remember to stop thinking, “Is my hair ok?” or “Did I cover up that pimple well enough?” If somebody points out a ‘flaw’ just laugh. Life would be overly suckish if there was no laughing. Where do you think the ‘l’ in life comes from? When you laugh things off, you feel comfortable with yourself. Then people notice, “Oh she just messed up. But she is totally cool about it. Her eyes really light up when she smiles.” If you act embarrassed and then start being rude, people will automatically search for things to NOT like about you, “Why is she being so mean? It was HER fault she slipped! Wow… she has a huge nose…” It is way better to let that inner beauty dictate your outer appearance than vice versa. As from my example above, people would most likely admire the first girl.

When I feel that inner beauty soar, I feel beautiful. I have gotten an A in English Literature. I mastered a switch leap in jazz.

Inside, when I feel that beauty, I see loving blue eyes, full lips and silky blonde hair. I see a lovely swan neck and admire my delicate arms. I love my curves, every single one of them! And I adore the fact that I am only a size 7 in footwear. Is this what they see when I feel happy. Is the smile he sees the same that everyone else sees?

When I am truly happy; hanging out with family, or messing around with friends; I look in the mirror on my bedroom dresser and say, “Who is this lovely teenager in my mirror?”