Boots no 7 Protect Perfect Day Cream

I was rummaging through the No. 7 skin care products last December, hoping to find a product that will hydrate my skin after using the NO.7 essential moisturiser for 8.50 I was left satisfied but still there were patches of my combination skin that were slightly dry. I realized I probably had to splash out more money to find the product which could work on my difficult skin. The No7 Lady came to assist me after dealing with a customer and recommended I used the No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream after explaining to her the type of skin I have she knew straight away that the product was right for me. She tested the product I’d use initially on my hand (the essential moisturiser) and the Protect and perfect day cream on the other hand to distinguish the differences between the products.

I was very surprised at how different two moisturisers can be from the same manufacturer, The essential moisturiser is a lot thicker which would probably mistake you into thinking it would be more moisturising rich then the protect and perfect day cream, however when I rubbed the product in both hands I realized that in fact the less thick formulae protect and perfect left my hand feeling more moisturised then the thick essential moisturizer.

I have never purchased expensive moisturisers before, I usually spend maximum 9 on my skin care products, and I usually save my money for expensive make-up instead. However, after a consultation at the Chanel counter the woman explained to me that you must get your skin in the right condition before you criticize any foundations (I was criticising a foundation I had used in the past) she was basically saying you can’t say a product is bad when your skin surface is bad, because your skin may be the reason the product looks bad.
She told me I needed to get a better moisturizer and that is why I made my way to the NO7 counter.

What’s good about the day cream is it has a SPF 15, having an SPF of 12-15 I believe is very crucial, now that we are drilled into our heads that the sun can be very damaging to the skin I think it’s essential that all moisturisers have some kind of SPF factor in them to protect your skin from every day exposure of the sun.

After trying various moisturizers such as: E45, Vaseline essential, No7 essential moisturizer, Body shop moisturiser, Lust moisturiser and many more I was so pleased with the results left from my moisturiser, In fact so pleased I am still using this product today. I could see the results in just three days; my skin felt noticeably softer, moisturised and radiant. My skin hasn’t even had dry patches since despite going on holiday three times a year and spending a lot of time in the sun!

You would be surprised if you saw how my skin looked before I bought this product; my nose was particularly flaky and made applying make-up hell.

Now after applying this product every night, I can wake up with gorgeous skin and not have to worry about dry patches!

I cannot stress enough how great this product is, I would recommend asking the woman at the no7 counter what kind of moisturiser you need for the type of skin you have first however, so they can ensure you have the right product for you.

What does the manufacturer say about this product?
No7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream is created to be used with our No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum which has active ingredients to deliver long-lasting moisturisation and longer-term protection of the skin. No7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream works to improve the resilience of your skin to the ageing effects of the sun and pollution, smoothing fine lines to leave your skin with a healthy renewed radiance.

No7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream has a rich formulation which contains our patent pending, next generation antioxidant complex with SPF 15, to protect against damaging effects of free radicals. Includes a skin-firming complex containing lipo-peptides to boost and maintain elasticity.
A little facial, every day… use every morning after cleansing, toning and applying Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum. Simply smooth into your face and neck with your fingertips, avoiding your eyes.

Boots are totally committed to developing and creating new skincare products that really work. We’re working on our next generation of products involving even more extensive clinical trials-and will be announcing the results of these when they have been analysed. We want all of our customers to look and feel better than they ever thought possible.

To give your skin an extra helping hand, use Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum and Protect and Perfect Night Cream just before bedtime.
Dermalogically tested

Today has been the first time I have ever read what the manufacturer claims about the product, and I definitely do believe the product lives up to the claim.