California’s tough smog rules to be used nationwide?

With air quality being the rage in many urban areas, smog from vehicle use is a growing concern for all of us. It’s invisible and tasteless for the most part, but you definitely do not want to breathe what the air contains in some areas. That is, unless you have a liking for choking or something.

With that said, the small-engine market that creates a huge amount of air pollution — like lawnmowers and gas-powered weed whackers — may be regulated nationwide by the federal government soon on the level of California’s strict pollution laws. In other words, California’s smog laws may possibly be the template for the rest of the country.

While this will hurt small-engine manufacturers — the usual argument which accompanies change — this will drastically cut down on smog and greenhouse gases that continue to chip away at the atmosphere 24 hours a day. There is sure to be animosity from the makers of all these millions of small gas-powered engines, but the health of the planet is at stake here. Better now than living inside Logan’s Run soon, eh?

Author by Brian White