Checklist of Baby Supplies for a New Mom

Bringing baby home can be one of the most exciting–and stressful–times in a mother’s life. Making sure you are prepared and have all of the essential items needed for the proper care of a baby can help ease any potential stress. Every baby is different, but there are some essential items you’ll need on hand when you bring your little bundle of joy home.


Baby will need to be bundled up and kept warm, especially in the first few weeks, as babies’ bodies take some time to adjust to being outside the mother’s womb and the shifts in temperature. No matter the season, have plenty of layers in which to clothe your baby. Making sure you have enough clothing–such as one pieces, shirts, pants, socks and even stocking caps–is important because you never know when your baby is going to have an accident that will require a change of clothes. Accidents can happen multiple times a day, so make sure you have an ample supply of clothes or you’ll be spending a lot of time in the laundry room.

Hygiene Items

Keeping your baby clean is one of the top priorities for new mothers. This includes having plenty of diapers and baby wipes on hand for those regular diaper changes. Since your baby will be small and not have basic motor skills, you’ll probably want to buy some sort of baby bath. Many are small enough to fit in the kitchen sink for a more convenient bath time. Other hygiene essentials include baby shampoo and body wash, diaper rash ointments and creams, and cotton swabs for cleaning out the ears, nose and other nooks and crannies.

Getting Around

Babies are completely dependent on you for mobility–whether in the house or leaving it, so the proper equipment and supplies are necessary from day one. Make sure you have a stroller for taking walks or for pushing baby through the store, as well as a certified, comfortable car seat for transporting your baby in the car. You’ll also probably want to purchase a diaper bag or something similar to carry diapers, wipes and an extra set (or two) of clothing in case of an accident while you’re out. You might also consider a baby bouncer or swing, as you’ll want something to put baby in other than her crib while you’re doing chores or taking some time to relax.

Other Supplies

Of course, baby will need somewhere to sleep when she comes home, so a crib or bassinet is essential for bed time. Some baby supplies aren’t necessarily essential in the first few weeks or month but can be helpful and even fun for baby, such as a play mat or toys like rattles. A baby monitor isn’t necessary but might put your mind at ease, especially if your room is far away from the baby’s nursery.