Choose Hand Lotion

There are many hand lotions on the market and with the sheer variety it is confusing to pick the best hand lotion for your hands. However, with a simple understanding of what hand lotion suits you and your hand’s skin type it is made much easier. The hands show ageing extremely fast, so choosing a hand lotion in an early stage will slow down the aging process of your hands.

Dry Skin
With this type of skin type, it is best to choose a hand lotion that is very moisturising so it replenishes your hands and will instantly soothe and hydrate it. A thick, creamy lotion will be perfect for hydrating the hands and staying on a long time. However, just because they are thick in texture it doesn’t mean your hands should be oily afterwards. A good hand cream will sink in to the skin and not sit on it or look greasy after a couple of minutes at most.

Normal Skin
For this type of skin, any moisturiser can be used, the best moisturisers depend on what you like the best. If you like lightweight formulas then go for that or vice versa for the creamier textures.

Sensitive Skin
With this type of skin type, it is best to use products that are lightweight, non greasy as some can have substances which can irritate sensitive skin. The texture best for sensitive skin is lightweight that will sink in very quickly and usually contain Aloe Vera which is great for healing sensitive skin.

Choose a hand cream that it very simple to use, ones with caps are the easiest and in the small tubes can be carried with you everywhere as they are light. Others may prefer ones in small tins, it all depends on preference.

If you like scented products then look for products that have a scent that you like as you’ll be much likelier to keep it with you. However if you do not like scented products look for a hand lotion that is fragrance free or natural.

SPF 15
Looking for a hand cream that contains SPF 15 will protect it from the suns damage to our skin which speeds up the aging process, also our hands are always out thus need some form of protection from the sun.

Depending on what your preferences are and what type of skin you have, choose different hand lotions until you land on the one that you love. Products from L’Occitane and The Body Shop have great ranges and are recommended by many.