Choosing a Bridal Hairstyle

From the smallest ceremony to the most elaborate wedding, the best bridal hairstyles are always simple and elegant. Keep in mind that you’ll be looking at your wedding photographs for the rest of your life, so the last thing you want is a hairstyle that will look dated and tacky years down the road. Avoid trendy styles on your wedding day, because something that looks stylish today can look utterly ridiculous with the passage of time.

Another reason for choosing a simple and elegant hairstyle is that it will actually enhance, rather than detract from, the dress. With some bridal gowns priced at hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of dollars, it wouldn’t make much sense to have your dress take a back seat to a tacky hairstyle that cost under fifty dollars at your local beauty salon. For many brides, there is always the temptation to go overboard with the hair and the make-up, but when it comes to wedding day, remember that less is more.

A bride must also take into consideration how long she will need to wear the hairstyle. For instance, a bride who has hair that is hard to curl might want to consider a simple French twist or a chignon, rather than a curly style that will fall flat long before the wedding ceremony is over. Likewise, a bride with naturally curly hair would want to avoid a straight and sleek style that could become frizzy by the end of the day. It is always a good idea to schedule a consultation with your hairstylist a few weeks before the wedding day, since he or she will be able to tell you which styles are best for your hair type.

Many hairstylists will recommend a “trial” session a week or two before the wedding. There are many benefits to performing a trial run. It allows the hairstylist time to get familiar with your hair, ensuring that there won’t be any last minute surprises come wedding day. Also, after your trial session, you’ll be able to wear the style for the rest of the day to see how it holds up. Trial sessions also give you the chance to experiment with different styles to see which one you like the best.

There are many websites and magazines devoted to formal hairstyles. When looking through the pictures, try to find models who have hair that is similar in texture and length to your own. When you find a picture that you like, ask yourself, “Will this hairstyle look good ten years from now?” Always lean towards styles that are timeless. After all, you want to be able to someday show your wedding pictures to your children or grandchildren without them laughing!