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A clear complexion is what all of us strive for, we see the airbrushed photographs of beautiful models with such a radiant clear complexion. While no-one can achieve the effects of Photoshop upon their face, one can certainly attain a healthy, clear, glowing complexion. Accomplishing clear skin starts with a healthy diet, and what you put into your body that will show on your skin.

1. Water
We all may know that water is beneficial, but why do we not drink enough? Water in our body is replaced every 6 weeks, and we continuously are losing water mainly through perspiration and urinating. So we have to replenish our system and start drinking 2L of water per day in order to flush out all the toxins from our body. As we all may not remember to drink this amount, we should then carry a water bottle with us everywhere to remind us to drink water!

2. Balanced Diet
Eating healthier will give you beautiful, clear skin in the long term as well as the short term. One should incorporate foods such as vegetables and fruits into their daily diet in order to make sure they get the daily vitamins they need for their skin, while also eating food from all the seven food groups: minerals, vitamins, fibre, protein, carbohydrates, fats and water.

This does not mean not eating anything that is unhealthy, but eating it in moderation. One alternative for soda is to mix sparkling water with 100% juice. This creates a delicious, fresh, sparkling fruit juice without any harmful chemicals.

3. Facial Regime
Now we’ve cleansed our bodies from the inside, we need to concentrate on the outside and having a good facial regime which consists of: cleansing, toning and hydrating daily. This should be followed up with an exfoliator 2 – 3 times per week and a mask 1-2 times per week.

This should be done every morning and evening using a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type; soaps are too harsh for skin and can leave skin feeling tight. A good cleanser should take away any impurities and oil build up on your skin leaving it fresh and clean.

Not many people use toners, however toners are a vital part of a facial regime as they remove any residue or dirt left over by the cleanser and close pores. Vitamin E toners are great because they heal the skin and leave skin feeling and looking extremely radiant. Just put the toner onto a cotton pad and smooth over the face, you may have to do it twice in order to remove all the dirt.


We all need to moisturise and protect our face, there are many different products for different skin types, but make sure you use one that is suitable for your skin. It should leave your skin with moisture yet shouldn’t look or feel greasy. The best moisturisers are the ones with added SPF to protect you from the sun; a good brand which stocks these for many skin types is Olay.

This should be used 2-3 times per week for a deep skin clean and to remove any impurities. Many brands offer exfoliators; a brand I recommend is St. Ives which leaves skin revitalised and all skin types can use their range of products. It should be used as replacement for cleansers and followed up with a toner and moisturiser.

This is a great way to pamper yourself every week, masks draw dirt from deep in the skin and leave it feeling amazing. I personally prefer home masks such as plain yoghurt applied onto skin for 20 minutes, this leaves the skin smooth and supple. Honey is also a great homemade mask; it heals the skin and draws out impurities from the skin.

4. Body Care
Our bodies must not be forgotton for clear skin. Dry body brushing the skin once a day for 5 minutes is a great way to soft, clearer skin. Starting from the soles of the feet in an upward motion towards the heart removes toxins from the body. Then from the hands towards the heart. This also removes dead skin cells and is extremely invigorating.

Shower gels are great when used with a mitt as they remove dead skin cells while also cleansing the skin.

Exfoliators for the skin are vital to remove the build up of dead skin cells and to smoothen the rough patches on our elbows and knees; there are many homemade ones such as sugar mixed with olive oil which leaves your skin smooth and moisturised.

These tips should leave you feeling and looking beautiful, and as a result a more confident you!