Creams to Reduce Eye Puffiness

Your eyes are usually the first spot on your face to show your age, and to combat puffiness, you’ll need a special eye cream–your regular facial moisturizer probably isn’t going to do the trick, health and wellness expert Dayle Haddon said during an appearance on CBS’s “The Early Show.” Puffy eyes are usually worst in the morning, when the fluid in your face has pooled around your eyes. Haddon recommends stashing your eye cream in your refrigerator instead of your bathroom and dabbing it around your eyes using just your ring finger for best results.

High-End Help: Laboratoire Remède Hydra Therapy Eye Crème

In the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Magazine, beauty expert Marcia Kilgore recommends Laboratoire Remède Hydra Therapy Eye Crème for undereye circles. The $110 price tag makes this cream a pricey investment, but Kilgore says it delivers, with ingredients like citrus peel and sorb tree extract that perk up circulation to de-puff your eyes.

For the Boys: Lab Series Age Rescue Eye Therapy

Men may show signs of age around the eyes even earlier than women because their naturally thicker skin is more prone to wrinkles and inflammation, according Jeffrey Podolsky in WSJ Magazine. Podolsky recommends Lab Series Age Rescue Eye Therapy, which relies on a combination of cool cucumber and green tea extracts to soothe the inflammation that causes eye puffiness.

For Serious Puffiness: Origin’s No Puffery

Haddon recommends Origin’s No Puffery if your puffy eyes are a serious problem. Part super-intensive treatment mask, part everyday eye cream, No Puffery gets its puff-soothing power from yeast extract, which helps move fluids from around your eyes, and mushroom extract to erase the redness that often accompanies puffy eyes. Haddon suggests using it for 30 days or until the puffiness goes away and then applying it as needed when inflammation strikes.

Organic Option: GiGi Organics Eye Contour Cream

If you prefer organic cosmetics, Trendcetera Magazine–an online publication focused on beauty and wellness topics–recommends GiGi Organics Eye Contour Cream. The watercress and aloe in this cream helps reduce puffiness and calm the inflammation that causes it.