Cures for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes affect everyone at one time or another. Many home remedies exist for treating this condition. However, the cure for circles under the eyes depends on the cause, states Trial and error may help you find a cure, but you should consult a doctor to determine the root cause of your under-eye circles.


Too much or too little sleep may lead to dark circles under the eyes. You should try to get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night, according to Jill Haynes, an aesthetician at UC Davis Medical Center. Elevating your head with a couple of pillows may also help to reduce dark circles under the eyes by diminishing the amount of fluid that pools in this area while you sleep.


A deficiency of iron or other vitamins may lead to dark circles under the eyes, according to If you feel you do not get enough vitamins, or you have a blood test that shows you have a vitamin deficiency, consider taking a vitamin or mineral supplement and eating a more nutritious diet.


People often see dark circles under the eyes when they become ill. advises that the circles will diminish once you are well again. By getting adequate rest and eating a well-balanced diet, you may regain your health sooner. If you were sick long enough to lose weight, gaining the weight back may also help to cure your circles.

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments may cure your dark circles. Hyperpigmentation or excessive superficial veins under the eye may cause dark circles. Treatments like laser therapy, intense pulsed light treatment, and chemical peels may help lighten the pigment in the area under the eyes and help to decrease the size of the blood vessels in that area, advises Facial Plastic

Visible blood vessels under the eye, leading to dark circles, may be the result of fat loss, excessively thin skin, or the aging of skin. Fat grafting works well to treat these problems. Some surgeons even use injectable fillers to thicken the area under the eyes, eliminating the under-eye circles.


The best “cure” for some may be hiding the dark circles with makeup. Concealers can work well. Be sure to apply the concealer with your ring finger or a camouflage brush, advises Jill Haynes. She also advises using an oil-based mascara that forms a tube around your lashes. You may want to try applying cold compresses under the eyes to help them relax and decrease the size of the circles.