Cute Side Ponytail Ideas

A side ponytail can be a cute way to put up the hair of a little girl or even an adult.  There are different ways that you can do this to be creative and have fun.  The following are cute side ponytail ideas.

Put a fun scrunchie in the side ponytail

One fun idea is to be creative with the scrunchie you put in.  Instead of putting in a plain one, see if you can get one that has some fun fabric.  These are not too hard to make with a little fabric and some elastic.  You could go to the store and find some fabric that you think would be cute.  For instance, when it is near a holiday you could get some fabric that is related to that holiday.  You can have heart ones for Valentine’s Day, snowflakes for the winter holidays and something green for St. Patrick’s day.  This can be a fun way to show your holiday spirit as well.  These are also usually sold at many stores such as Claire’s near holidays as well.


Another cute thing that you can do with a side ponytail is to put in some braids.  You could have in one thick braid.  Instead of one braid you could also do many braids, which can be fun. You could secure each of them at the bottom with a different colored elastic hair band.  Alternatively you could try one of the more unusual types of braids out there such as a rope.  They sell different books on braids that can show you some unusual ways and this could be very pretty in a side ponytail.

Put ribbons in your hair

Another fun way to do a side ponytail would be to secure it with ribbons and have them running down the ponytail.  This can be easy for you to make because you can just go to the craft store, buy whatever ribbons you like and tie them to a plain elastic hair band.  You could make them as long or as short as you want.  Some ribbons have designs and even words on them such as “Big Sister.”  In addition, you can get ribbons that are a specific color so that they mean something.  You might get them to match your school colors.  You might also try to match them to a holiday such as black, purple and orange during Halloween and red during Valentine’s Day.

A side ponytail can be a pretty way to wear your hair and there are many cute ways that you can do this.  Consider the above ideas when styling you or your child’s hair.