Cute Ways to Style Short Hair

When talking about hair, the words cute and short are often mentioned in the same sentence. Short hair gives a woman a more youthful appearance, which explains why you don’t see a lot of older women with long hair. Many short styles are also very versatile, providing the wearer with plenty of styling options. 

What is the cutest way to wear short hair? For most people, short hair tends to look best with a messy look. Messy hair looks youthful, playful, and flirtatious all at the same time.  Those with natural curl or wave can simply put some gel or styling cream in their hair and let it dry naturally. Talk about low maintenance! Short hair not only looks cute, but it is a time-saver to boot.

Women with fine hair look best in short styles because it adds volume and body. However, those with extremely fine hair may have to spend a little more time with styling. If you have fine hair that is cut short, a cute way to style it is to blowdry using a volumizing mousse, and then using a matte-finish wax or paste to create texture and a messy look. Avoid using a high-shine wax or pomade; this will weigh the hair down and make it look greasy.

Many short haircuts are still long enough to straighten with a flat iron. Hair that is chin-length or longer offers the most versatility because it is long enough to curl or straighten, or even air dry. With a flat iron, many shorter styles can be made to look smooth and sleek, but a flat iron can also be used to make the ends “flip”.  Simply iron the hair straight until you get to the ends, and then turn the iron with your wrist in an outward motion. Smooth down the hair with a wax or pomade for a sleek and shiny finish, or work some paste or putty through the hair for a seductive slept-in look.

Finally, one great thing about short hair is that any haircut can instantly be made to look cute with a few accessories. Jeweled clips, flowered pins, and barrettes can all be used to add instant cuteness to any style. Even a few strategically-placed bobby pins can do wonders by keeping the hair out of the face. When it comes to cute, short is definitely the way to go!