Dettol Products

Dettol is one of those brand names that has been with us for many years and I would imagine that most people have purchased at least one or two Dettol products during in the course of their lifetime. I would think that the most well known Dettol product would be the liquid disinfectant, the strong antiseptic smell is overpowering but it is a very capable and useful product. Just a small drop of Dettol antiseptic liquid poured into water is so good for bathing cuts and abrasions.

If I am buying soap for the bathroom then I choose from the great selection of creamy soaps that produce a good rich lather and above all smell good but if I am choosing a soap to put in the downstairs hand basin then I look for a soap that is good at knocking the germs dead in their tracks.

When the weather lets me I am in and out of the garden like a yoyo and more often than not I end up with my hands in the soil so I want to be able to scrub up and feel confident that I have killed whatever germs may have strayed onto my skin.
I paid 75p for my last bar of Dettol soap and I don’t feel that is a high price to pay for a good anti-bacterial soap. The pale yellow bar weighs 125g and it is a hard soap so whereas soft soaps melt away in the hot water the harder bar of Dettol soap lasts me quite a time.

The water in our area tends to be a bit on the hard side anyway and I do find that Dettol soap seems to give me little in the way of lather. But Dettol do say that it kills most germs including E.Coli and Salmonella so that works in its favour.
The anti bacterial soap has an inbuilt moisturiser but I still find that my skin needs extra moisturising cream if I am using the soap regularly. I don’t think that the soap is harsh but I feel that the smell does permeate your skin after you have used it a good few times.
Though the soap does have that strong antiseptic smell, that soon wanes as you rinse and dry your hands but you can still smell it in the background.

There are so many anti- bacterial soaps on the market, both in liquid and bar form. As long as the soap does what it promises to do then I am more than satisfied. Maybe there could be a sway towards using the liquid soap because that comes in a plastic bottle with a pump action dispenser and it would seem more effective in the fight against germs rather than leaving a bar of soap lying on the edge of the hand basin.
It never ceases to amaze me just how many germs are floating around, viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria and all of those have their own way of multiplying.
If we fail to recognise the importance of washing our hands then we run the risk of catching all kinds of bugs.

Dettol have a whole range of products that include anti-bacterial sprays, liquid disinfectants, anti-bacterial surface cleaners and floor wipes and air and trigger sprays.
I often buy the Dettol trigger spray for the kitchen, it is ideal – just spray on, wipe and instantly disinfect your work surfaces.
If you feel the Dettol bar soap is not for you then there is a liquid hand soap too, maybe this is one that would be better if you have young children floating in and out of your bathroom.
A 250 ml bottle of liquid soap comes in at about £2.
All of the Dettol products can be bought from our leading supermarkets and chemist stores and I know that many of the products can be bought from the discount stores too.  A good quality product from a reputable company.