Diets to Lose a Lot of Weight Quickly

Although you may want to drop weight quickly, doctors recommend that a gradual weight loss of one to two pounds per week can help you achieve long term results. According to the American Heart Association, diets that make you drop weight quickly are not nutritionally sound, and you are likely to regain the weight after stopping the eating plan. You should always speak to your doctor before changing your diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet

A broth with cabbage soup is the main component of this restrictive diet plan. The makers of this diet claim that you can lose as much as ten pounds in one week when you follow this diet. For seven days, you eat all the soup that you want along with fruits and vegetables. The soup is concocted from cabbage, onions, and tomatoes in an onion and tomato flavored broth. The American Heart Association notes that this nutritionally deficient diet can undermine your health.


According to the Every Diet website, Medifast is an eating plan that brings about rapid weight loss at an average of two to five pounds per week. The diet is very low in calories and individuals are instructed to consume five meal replacements daily. The meal replacements are produced by Medifast and consist of shakes, bars, and cereals. A single portion of lean meat and two cups of vegetables are allowed each day in addition to the meal replacement foods. After 16 days, Medifast suggests a gradual transition to normal meals. To maintain weight loss, 30-45 minutes of moderately intense exercise is recommended five times a week.

Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days

This diet from the Lucille Roberts website is a high protein eating plan. The site recommends that you not plan to follow the diet for more than two weeks and that you consult a doctor before beginning the diet. Lean meats such as fish, chicken, and turkey are allowed, but pork and shellfish are eliminated. Breakfast each day on the diet is made up of one or two eggs (boiled or poached), ½ cup of grapefruit and coffee or tea. Lunch and dinner meals on this diet consist of mostly a single serving of lean protein and vegetables. To maintain weight loss after the diet, Lucille Roberts suggests working out.

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