Discovering the Secret of Healthy Skin at any Age

Taking care of our skin is sadly one of those things far too many people put off until there is a problem. Our skin is a reflection of how we live; if we take the wrong things to excess like smoking, poor nutrition, improper cleansing, and any number of things our skin will show that to the world in its own unique ways. The good news is that even if you have neglected your skin you can still improve its health and look with several simple steps. To keep things very easy and clear we will examine them one by one and toss in a few extra tips to get your skin looking and feeling great.

The first key is to cut down on sun exposure. UV radiation from the sun does serve some positive purpose for the planet, but not for your skin. If you have a family history of skin cancer or very fair skin be extra careful. To help cut down on the effects of UV rays that will age your skin prematurely try the following hints:

-Avoid going out in the sun between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm when possible as the sun is at its most brutal then.

– Wear some physical sun protection like a wide brimmed hat, long sleeved shirts, pants, etc… to help minimize exposed skin.

– Make sure to use an SPF 15 or better sunscreen, and apply it about a half hour before sun exposure to get the best results.

– Continue reapplying your sunscreen after swimming or activities that cause you to sweat. Even if you don’t think you need to reapply any do it it anyway! Every 2-3 hours is a good general rule of thumb.

Don’t wash away all of your natural oils! There are some advantages to oily skin such as having skin that is less prone to sagging or forming wrinkles. Shiny skin die to the buildup of sebaceous oils may not look good and the first reaction most people have is to scrub them away, but try blotting it instead. Blotting will leave some of the oils behind that do help protect your skin and it is easier on the skin than scrubbing. if you really have a problem with oily skin try Clinac O.C. Gel. This is an OTC gel that helps remove most of the oil without leaving your skin dry. It also helps hold the oil “under” the skin surface which means you do get some of the good qualities of it without the shine.

In the case of dry skin where your glands are not producing enough sebum try humidifying your skin. Dry skin is clinically known as Xerosis and seems to have a hereditary link to its appearance in most people. Even with that said, people that live in colder climates or live in areas of low humidity or that are in “dry” indoor heatin quite a bit deal with dry skin the same as anyone else. Moisturizers alone are not the whole answer for dry skin. Try the following formula and you should get your dry skin under control.

-Hydrate with water throughout the day instead of drinking coffee, tea, or sodas.

– Apply a moisturizer at least twice each day. The moisturizer doesn’t truly moisturize your skin with any water, but it does lock in the water your body has to keep skin refreshed which is why drinking plenty of water throughout the day is important.

– If you are indoors and deal with dry forced heat in your home leaving a pan, vase, or some form of water vessel out to slowly evaporate in a room will help humidify the room without needing the purchase of a humidifier. A humidifier is better, but if it is not an option for you, this is a decent way to help simulate that.

For people with sensitive skin or that are dealing with acne, give the OTC acne medication a little help. Try applying moisturizers like Cetaphil or Oil of Olay over your acne cream. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to suggest a good gentle soap-free cleanser you can try that is specifically designed for sensitive skin and people that have more serious skin issues. For women with sensitive skin that use cosmetics be sure to toss out the old inventory as it can become easily contaminated or break down over time aggravating sensitive skin even further.

To help get a youthful glow there are some steps you can take to achieve that look, and the first step is keeping your skin clean and hydrated. You can also try Renova which was formerly known as Retin-A. Renova is a prescription drug, but is fairly easy to attain from your doctor. Another option is to try products containing fruit acids (AHA’s) that at least appear to rejuvenate skin. What these are believed to do is help shed old skin from the surface and promote an even and healthy looking skin tone.

For those who suffer from razor bumps and other bumps of all nature, take the tender loving care approach. uses gentle soaps like basis, Eucerin, or a Nutrogena Cleansing bar. These will be far gentler than most soaps and won’t aggravate an already problematic condition. Avoid rough washing with a facecloth or the use of things like a loofah on these areas.

Take it easy on yourself! Try to reduce stress and make sure you get plenty of rest. While many people fail to think of those points as being essential to good skin care they cannot be underestimated. Likewise if you have truly problematic skin see a dermatologist that can formulate an effective skin care regimen for you based on the underlying issues rather than just treating the symptoms. As always, wash your skin regularly! Keeping dirt and oils from building up and clogging pores is a huge deal you have to constantly stay on top of. Follow the above steps and you can keep young healthy looking skin for a long time to come!