Do Men like Skinny Women Apparently not

A lot of men love skinny women, I mean they really love skinny women they have very idealistic ideas about skinny women. In fact a lot of women, skinny women included, would take offense to some of the reasons why men like skinny women. It’s an odd balance between sexual preferences and what men are physically attracted to. Myself personally I went through a lot of different phases with respect to the height of a woman, but I had always liked heavier women. I had to realize that there weren’t any real differences, in fact for myself the short skinny woman was rather difficult to talk to. I don’t know what it was but I had some interesting friendships and left it at that and moved on.

Women themselves are the ones that perpetrate the theory, not men. A lot of skinnier women think that fat women are easier sexually and a lot of guys go for them out of their own and that woman’s desperation. That may be true for some men, but I also think it points to a sort of reverse prejudice at play as well. Plus what is really the differentiation between desperation and just being that much more into your own sexuality to begin with, one person’s desperation or denigration is another womans sexual liberation and empowerment. Guys themselves will say one thing and do another, in fact your most ardent supporters of skinny women are closeted enthusiasts of fat women. It’s like the girl that says she won’t date someone of her own race, well of course she wouldn’t if no one of her own race has ever treated right and she keeps getting dogged out. I can’t stand here and say that skinny women were never attracted to me, from any standpoint, and I can’t argue that my attraction towards heavier women is because I have necessarily received more attention from them that wouldn’t be right either. But what I can say, is that a woman’s physique has a lot to do with what motivates me to talk to her initially. You always see pretty women with cute faces and nothing else physically to attract you, always have and always will. There’s no rarity in it and I never understood why some guys continue to go for that.

With a skinny woman you see someone who has a really nice face, and that’s about where it ends. There are some very nice, fun loving, easy to talk to skinny women out there but that doesn’t necessarily translate into anything for the long term or even for the short term other than friendship. Plus I don’t really feel right pursuing a skinny woman, I mean eventually you are left with this idea of where you’re going to go from there and that’s a bridge you just don’t want to cross. Why would you continue with someone who is cute when there are women with the entire package that are very sexy that will hold you for a while and keep your interest?

I think when I was younger I had various crushes on girls that were just that. You eventually get over that infatuation with their looks and you ask yourself exactly what are you doing? You’ve talked about everything that you are going to talk about, you’ve either had sex by this point or you haven’t and if you aren’t even trying to do that anymore you already know what’s up. I’m talking about like months later, when you’re more of an intellectual match but that physical chemistry is just waning. It’s not like girls are all that stupid either, there is friendship, and then there comes a point in the relationship where you’re just comfortable with someone and have no reason to pursue the intimacy any further. It’s just a matter of time before the girl starts talking about her other interests, and you start giving advice about what she should do with other guys and you are just okay with that and content with it.

A lot of men are intimidated by heavier women. They feel that with a heavier woman you have to do a lot of the work sexually and they’re conflicted about whether or not they are up to it though certainly they have some interest or curiosity about heavier women. A lot of this really depends on whether the girl is in shape and how sexual she truly is, if she is just assertive or really aggressive with it. A lot of smaller women are stingy and just lay there as well, so it’s an ignorant conclusion to come to. Again for me the bottom line isn’t a question of sexuality but whether or not you are still attracted to the woman once you’ve gotten over how pretty she is here or there. If you are attracted, and can make that connection with her you’ll do what you need to do as far as sex is concerned, regardless of what she does. But if you’re not she can do a whole lot and it won’t be enough to keep your interest anyway, though men are good for getting lost in someone elses sexuality and to continue to stay in situations where they aren’t necessarily happy or being treated right. But that is an entirely different topic altogether.

There is nothing to disprove, you are either attracted to skinny women or you aren’t. Personally I think that everyone is, but whether or not it is to the extent that they will actually go after the woman or will put someone else they have more in common with aside for the girl that just happens to be heavier is something different totally. A lot of us have before and got burnt and just aren’t doing it again, at the same time that could be the right person for you if you aren’t doing anything better with your time so you shouldn’t develop a prejudice for heavier women out of your own insecurities either.