Early Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

According to the World Health Organization, type 2 diabetes is moving toward pandemic status, becoming one of the fastest growing diagnoses of adults in the world. In 2001, over one million deaths occurred due to diabetes. Not only is type 2 diabetes the fastest growing disease, it also contributes to heart disease. Early symptoms are frequent urination, vision problems, and appetite issues like loss of appetite or increased hunger. When these symptoms present themselves, it is important to see your doctor to determine your risk, and/or receive diagnosis and medication or a treatment plan.

Frequent Urination

One of the most prevalent symptoms of the onset of diabetes is frequent urination. As the blood sugar is increased, fluids from other organs and areas of the body are depleted. As fluid depletion occurs, you will drink more and subsequently go to the bathroom more often.

Vision Problems

Just as diabetes 2 causes frequent urination due to fluid depletion and increased blood sugar, it has the same affect on your vision. Another type 2 diabetes symptom is reduced fluid from the eyes. This reduction in fluid causes your vision to become blurred, and the ability to focus diminishes.

Change in Appetite

The Mayo Clinic states changes in appetite are a definite symptom of type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, it is not just weight loss; an increase in appetite can also be a symptom of diabetes. With weight loss, your body is not able to use the glucose your food provides, so it uses the fat and energy stores in the body. Increased appetite is due to the normally-occurring insulin in the body not changing food into energy. The body feels hunger because it has no energy, causing you to eat more.

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