Easy Exercises to Lose Belly & Chest Fat for Men

Men’s bodies tend to store fat in trouble areas such as the belly and/or chest. While you can train these areas directly for fat reduction, you must also attempt to decrease your body fat percentage to lose fat in them. Choose cardiovascular and resistance training exercises that directly target these areas by building muscle, burning fat and stimulating the release of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and GH (growth hormone).

Inclined Treadmill

Walking on the treadmill at an incline burns fat very efficiently. Cardiovascular exercise that focuses on losing body fat actually requires that you avoid working too hard. According to “Combat the Fat” author Jeff Anderson, lower intensity cardio actually burns more calories directly from body fat. High-intensity exercise causes the body to use muscle tissue for energy. Rather than running or jogging, try walking for 30 minutes immediately after a resistance training workout. This makes walking an even more effective means of losing body fat because your body has already used up its glycogen (muscle-stored carbohydrates) and must use fatty acids for energy.

Barbell Squats

Squatting burns serious calories and can directly target your trouble areas, according to “Xtreme Lean.” Barbell squats are difficult and require a certain degree of intensity. You do not need to train heavy and hard like a bodybuilder, however, to get great results from squats. Even low to medium intensity triggers a noticeable increase in fat burning hormones, according to “The Fat Burning Bible.” In addition, this resistance-training exercise builds lean muscle, metabolically active tissue that burns extra calories even while sitting on the couch doing nothing.

With a barbell secured between the shoulder blades on your upper back, squat as if sitting down on an invisible bench, keeping your knees from going past your toes. Squat down until your upper legs are parallel to the floor or just below parallel, depending on your level of comfort, and return to the standing position without locking out your knees at the top. Three sets of six to 20 reps can do wonders for burning fat from trouble areas.

Compound Movements

The multi-joint exercises, known as compound movements, build functional strength, increase flexibility and provide a powerful fat-burning trigger. Bench presses, for example, prompt the body to release fat-burning and anabolic hormones and they directly target the chest area. Building muscle in the pectoral (chest) area can help reduce fat and improve your appearance.

Other compound movements include barbell curls for biceps, dips for triceps, dumbbell shoulder presses for deltoids and pull-ups for the back. Do one to three sets of a compound movement for six to 12 repetitions. Using these exercises as part of a resistance-training workout can help you build lean muscle and burn fat from your trouble areas.

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