Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are several hairstyles suited to long hair, though much depends upon the texture of the hair, and the shape of the facial area. If trying to decide which style suits your face, discuss this with a hair stylist as they will have the experience to give you an idea of how a style will look. Hair which is long can also be styled in different ways for day-to-day style, or for special occasions. The start of the search for easy hairstyles begins with the cut.

~Layered long hair.

If the style is to be layered, this is particularly good for slightly wavy hair, since the style can be swept in the direction of the layers to give the effect of rippling. This helps to build out the body of hair, and an experienced stylist will be able to show you how to maximize this look with styling at home after the initial cut. This suits those whose hair is perhaps thick and heavy, and who prefer a lighter look. It is also eminently suitable for fine hair, though layering the hair should always be performed by an experienced stylist.

~Bangs and sides of face.

Often long hair looks very stylish and sexy with bangs though the sides of the face can be highlighted by shaping the hair to curl under towards the face. With an attractive neck, the style could also be cut so that the sides sweep back from the face, thus exposing more of the face and neck area.

~Disadvantages of layering.

The disadvantages of layering is that it really is necessary to style the hair regularly. Long hair tends to be heavy in thick hair, and fly-away in thin hair, and will need to be cut every six weeks to keep that style. Another disadvantage of layering longer hair is that the individual may find it hard to achieve the required style. To flip the sides under, use a cylinder shaped brush, rotating the brush in a downward motion as you dry your hair. To flip the hair back away from the face, the brush should be placed above the layer and the hair rolled around the brush in the required direction while drying. Both of these systems of styling will require protection for the hair from heat, and also the use of a styling gel or mousse to keep the style once it has been achieved.

~The sophisticated look.

The sophisticated look for a woman, and one which is extremely flattering to the right facial shape is to brush the hair to the back of the head and to create a chignon. In this day and age, it is equally sexy for a younger lady to hold the hair in place at the back of the head, by twisting the hair into a knot and securing it with a stylish hair clip. For evening wear, a style which does look superb is a classic chignon which is achieved by sweeping the hair back from the face, and pinning one side down to the head. Then the following side is curled around into a neat seam and pinned in place. This style can also be dressed with hair accessories which go with the gown being worn.

~The classic hippie chic look.

This style is one of the easiest. Here, there are no bangs, and the hair is parted in the center. Brushing is performed from underneath the hair and the brush rotated, so that the hair simply falls in a natural flow turning under at the ends.


For healthy hair which is thick, crimping is simple to perform and gives the hair a wonderful ripple effect. Part the hair and work on one portion at a time, working with crimpers from the root down to the ends of the hair. Each portion should be placed one at a time into the crimpers and then the crimpers are opened and moved down to the next section of the same strand until ending just before the tips of the hair.

~A classic look.

Plaiting is a great way to add individual style to your hair, and the most feminine way to achieve a great style with plaiting is to take the front section of the side of the hair, and plait it, tying it off with an appropriate hair friendly elastic in the same color as the hair. Then plait the other side of the hair in a similar manner. The two plaits are then pulled to the back of the head, and here you have a wonderful opportunity to introduce a pretty slide to hold the two plaits neatly in place. This can of a clip finish, or one of those rather special slides which you hold over the two plaits, and place the wooden fixing through the holes provided in the slide to keep the plaits firmly in place.

~Creating easy curls to long straight hair.

For an easy style for that special evening, take straighteners and instead of using them for straightening, use them for curling. They are rather good for this purpose because the curls that they produce are stunning. Rub in some mousse, styling gel or hair protector into the hair, making sure that it is protected from heat. Start at the root end of a small section at a time, and place the hair into the straighteners. Then twist the hair around the straighteners in a closed position. Slowly pull the straighteners from this area near the scalp down to the bottom of hair, finishing just before the tips. As soon as you let go, you will find this has produced a beautiful curl. Take each section in turn to produce a head full of pretty curls. Only brush these lightly so as not to lose the form of the curls created.

There are indeed many easy styles for longer hair. From the pony tail to the classic chignon, it is worth experimenting with long hair to see which style best suits your hair. Long hair takes a lot of looking after although once the initial cut is achieved by a stylist, the rest is up to the individual, leaving a multitude of choices to suit all occasions.