Easy Hairstyles for Moms

Most moms do not have a lot of extra time.  When going out, you might want to place your hair in an easy hairstyle.  There are many different ways a mom can style her hair that are easy and look attractive.  Consider the following styles.


Many women like to get their hair out of their face and off the back of their neck.  A very quick way to do this is to pull it up into a ponytail.  This takes no time at all, and is a cute casual style.  There are many different ways you can secure it up.  If you want something simple you can get a plain elastic hairband.  If you want it to look a little nicer, you can get a fancier scrunchi.  They even sell some with Swarovski crystals on them.  You can also use a barrette or some other type of clip to secure your hair as well.  This also works for almost all types of hair (unless your hair is extremely short).  You will have your choice of putting your hair up high on your head or low near the nape of your neck.

Head band

Another very simple way for a mom to put up her hair to keep it out of her face is to put on a headband.  They make many different styles.  Some are childish, so make sure that the one you wear isn’t too juvenile.  There are two basic types of these.  One is made or fabric and looks like a circular piece of fabric.  You simple place it over your head, then pull the front up and over your forehead.  The other types are the harder bands that just slip right on top of your head.  Some are plastic, while others are covered with fabric or other embellishments.  Some are very thick while others are thin.  They even make some that are fancy for special events.  These are also usually very inexpensive and they take just a few seconds to place on top of your hair.


Once you learn the simple motions, a braid is very easy and can just take a minute or two to do.  There are different types of braids that are simple as long as you know how to do them, such as a rope braid.  You can let it go down your back or pull it over one shoulder for a pretty look.


A bun can be a very simple hairstyle for a mom. You can start with a ponytail or your hair just down.  Simply twist it around to form a bun.  You can then secure it with a barrette, a scrunchi or a special hair piece made to go over a bun.

There are many easy hairstyles for moms. Consider the above hairstyles for yourself.  Change often for a fun variety.