Easy to Create Hairstyles

There are many hairstyles that are extremely easy to create.  Sometimes even hairstyles that look complicated can be easy if you know the correct techniques.  The following are some you may want to try.

Ponytail head. 

A ponytail is extremely easy to create.  You should first get a hair tie or a hair band.  You put all of your hair through it.  You can twist it and put your hair through again if you want it to be tighter.  You can place it high on your head or lower near the nape of your neck.  Alternatively, you could put a barrette in it. 

Pig Tails

If you are doing a child’s hair and want to make pig tails, that is extremely easy to create.  Simply make two ponytails, one on each side of her head.  You can use matching scrunchis or hair bands.


A headband can be used for an extremely easy hairstyle.  There are hard plastic ones, which you just place right over your head.  They also have a type that is made of cloth and is a circle.  You put that over your head and then pull up the hair band over your forehead.  This will keep your hair out of your eyes, and can also be very pretty.


A bun can be a very simple updo.  There are several ways to do this.  First you can place your hair into a ponytail.  Then just twist your hair around and secure it with a clip, scrunchi or something made for a bun.  If you want, you don’t even need a ponytail – you can just twist it around and secure it.

Half up/half down

If you want to put your hair partly up to get it out of your eyes, you can place a little ponytail in your hair encompassing the top part of your hair.  Simply gather your hair at the top.  You can do a very small amount or more.  Then you can secure it with a hair band or barrette.


A braid might look complicated but it is not very difficult.  You simply separate the hair into three parts.  You take one outside part and bring it over the middle part so that it now becomes the middle.  You then do the same on the other side and alternate sides as you keep going down.  Secure it at the end with some sort of hair band.

There are many hairstyles that are easy to create.  Consider the above hairstyles when making your selection.  You can also combine them such as making a ponytail and then braiding it or making a braided bun.