Easy Updo Hairstyles for Long and Curly Hair

When you have long and curly hair, you might want to get it up and off of your neck.  There are many different styles that you can choose.  If you want something easy, quick and attractive, consider the following updo hairstyles for your long and curly hair.


A bun can be an extremely easy way to style long and curly hair.  There are different ways to make a bun.  The easiest way is to just take all of your hair, twist it around and then secure it on your head with a barrette, clip, or even just a scrunchi around it.  It might be easier if you put it into a ponytail first and then coil it around and secure it.  You can do this very quickly and make it more of a messy and chic look or you can use a brush and make it into a careful bun.  They also sell hair clips that are dome shaped and specifically meant to go over buns.  These are very pretty.  They make these geared towards children and some that can be used for both adults and children.


A ponytail can be a very easy updo.  You can just take a scrunchi or hair band and place it up.  You can put it high or low.  You can also tuck some more of your hair in so that it doesn’t come down your back at all.  If it is for a child then you can also put in several different ponytails or make pigtails. 

Coiled braid

A very elegant updo that can be very easy is to place your hair into a braid.  Then you coil that around and either pin it in place or use a scrunchi to secure it.  You can also make a French braid coiled around your head.  Even if it sounds complicated, it can be very easy if you grow accustomed to doing it.

There are many hairstyles that are combinations of the ones listed above.  For instance, you could make ponytails in a little girl, braid them and then coil them around for little buns on either side of her head. You can also use decorative barrettes and scrunchis for a prettier look. You can add a pretty headband to keep the hair out of your face and to add decoration.  Try the different ideas above to make pretty updo hairstyles for long and curly hair.