Easy Updos

Updos are the new curls, they are the new starlet waves, in short, updos are seriously chic and have taken over the style world.

But many people are afraid of the updo because they think it is too fiddly and difficult to create, when in fact some of the most stunning updos out there are the easiest!

There are so many updos that even a complete beginner can have a world of style at their feet.


Buns are now one of the most chic up dos a woman can have, they have long since shifted away from the old lady/school mistress image and are now the domain of the chic, stylish and time conscious.

Creating a chic bun couldn’t be simpler

This style is great for when you are running late and haven’t got time to wash your hair because it works best with dirty hair. Clean hair is too flyaway and it won’t stay in.

Decide whether you want a high up or low down bun and put your hair up in a ponytail at the appropriate height.

Use a bun doughnut/ring in order to create a large chic bun, simply slide it over the top of the ponytail band and secure it with grips.

Spread the rest of your hair over the doughnut and tuck it underneath, ensuring that the whole bun ring is covered.

Put a small ponytail band over the top to help secure the bun and then finish with hairspray.

Twists (chignons)

Twists are and always have been a chic and easy style to create, they offer style, practicality and comfort in a few simple steps!

There are kinds of twists, one with a clip and a ponytail band and one with grips, the one with a clip is the easiest

Simply put your hair into a low ponytail (this is really optional as the clip is enough to hold it)

Twist your hair as many times as is necessary, you will know when it begins to feel tight.

Slide your clip under the twist and through a layer of the hair underneath, you can either tuck the ends in or leave them out and spike them up for a funky cool look!

60’s Ponytail

Now I’m not talking about the bog standard little kids ponytail, this is a ponytail with impact and style. It is one of the most chic, most simple styles out there!

This is another style that works best with day old dirtier hair, so lave off washing it of you can.

Decide on the height of the ponytail that you want, back comb the crown of your hair slightly so you have some volume in it.

If you have no bangs, leave a section of your hair to create temporary side bangs.

Put your hair into the ponytail, straighten it and flick it out at the bottom.

Take a section of the hair and wrap it around the band so that it is no longer visible.

If you have no bangs, use the section of your hair you left to create temporary side bangs and tuck them behind one ear. If you do have bangs, simply make sure they are straight and tidy.