Easy Ways to take Care of Skin

Although we don’t think always think about our skin from this particular perspective, it is the largest organ in the human body and performs many very important tasks. Through our skin, we absorb nutrients – like vitamin D from the sun. Likewise, our skin helps us to excrete toxins through the process of perspiration. Skin also serves as a protective barrier against dangerous microbes which cause sickness and disease. Because of the vital role our skin plays, it makes sense to do the best we can to protect and nourish this relatively thin outer covering that we call our skin.

As our environment becomes more toxic it may seem futile to protect your skin from damage but there are some very simple common sense answers to beautiful, healthy skin.

• Eat a wholesome diet. One of the most harmful habits for your skin is consuming processed food. Fat, sugar and loads of simple carbohydrates do nothing but add age and fatigue to skin, draining it of vitality. Energize and nourish your skin by eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Commit to eating at least one meal a day that is completely raw – for the sake of your skin.

• Avoid hot baths and showers. Almost everybody has chlorine in their water unless they have well water. The oxidative damage from chlorine is increased as water temperature increases. Shower as quickly as possible and limit bathtub soaking. Your skin will thank you.

• Only exfoliate once or twice a week. Exfoliation is great for skin as it rejuvenates and refreshes as well as removing dead skin cells but too much can be very irritating. When exfoliating, use a natural product like table sugar mixed with a few drops of olive oil or oatmeal mixed with a tablespoon of honey. These natural and inexpensive exfoliates will nourish and brighten your skin.

• Adjust your sleeping posture. By sleeping on your back, you give the skin on your face a nighttime reprieve from the endless pull of gravity during the day. This posture also reduces the eye puffiness that is caused by lying on your side or stomach with your face pressed against a pillow.

• Be gentle when applying make-up or skin care products. Tap your products onto your face whenever possible as aggressive rubbing can stretch skin which will eventually cause unwanted sagging and wrinkling.

• Only use natural, organic beauty products. Since the skin is an organ of absorption, we need to be extra careful what we put on it. There are many toxic chemicals in the beauty products on our super market shelves. Many of them are extremely dangerous and some are known to be powerful carcinogens. Just because a product is FDA approved doesn’t mean it is a wise choice. Luckily, there is an increase in consumer awareness of these products and more organic skin care lines are being produced. Organic is always a better choice.

Remember that it takes time to repair and reverse skin damage so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. In twenty years, you will be glad that you took the time to make some wise decisions concerning your skin health.